The Healing Power of Lemon

March 20, 2012

The Healing Power of Lemon


Quick – what’s the fastest way to get juice from a lemon? 

If you said tear open and pour a True Lemon packet, you’re right! In 3.2 seconds, you’ve got the juice of a fresh lemon wedge in your water glass. Why is that so great?

Because aside from skipping time cutting and squishing the whole fruit, True Lemon lets you can enjoy the benefits of real lemon anytime, anywhere. And the benefits are MANY!!! Thanks to the peeps at, who recently illuminated the amazing powers of the lemon:

  • Body-Cleansing. Lemon juice in water improves bowel function     and helps cleanse your body’s filter, the liver. 
  • Cancer-Fighting. Lemons have 22 anti-cancer compounds!
  • Aging-Fighting. Lemon has lots of Vitamin C, an important     anti-oxidant that helps fight free radicals linked to aging and disease.
  • Immunity-Boosting. Vitamin C and lemon’s flavonoids fight     infections, colds and flu.
  • Diabetes-Fighting. Vitamin C also helps reduce blood sugar     levels in Type     2 diabetics.
  • Allergy-Fighting. Lemons have hesperetin, known to combat     allergies. (And limes do too!)
  • Stone-busting. Lemon juice helps dissolve     gallstones, calcium deposits, and kidney     stones.
  • Anti-Bacterial. We’ll add that lemon     juice killed 48 to 25 to 48 percent of bacteria tested. Adding lemon     also enhances the powerful anti-bacterial effect of foods and spices like     onion, garlic, thyme and cinnamon.
  • Beauty-Boosting. Lemon’s Vitamin C helps builds collagen that     gives plump,    tight skin!

The Care2 folks list a bunch of other fabulous lemon powers, including balancing body PH for health, helping to kill viruses and many more.

Truly, the lemon is awesome. And thanks to True Lemon, getting that all-natural lemon power in 3.2 seconds is awesome too!