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We're SUPER excited to announce that we're hosting our 1st LIVE Twitter Q&A TONIGHT at 8:00pm EST. We'll be joined by two very special guests, Roma van der Walt (founder of Chitta Wellness) and Jennifer Wasylenko (founder of Prana Training). 

Tune in on Twitter tonight and tweet us your most burning health questions using our #TrueYourBody hashtag! 

See you all there! 


True Citrus Staff


Feature Interview with In-Demand Model Angela Marcello

This week, our staff caught up with one of the most in-demand models Angela Marcello. Angela is a strong advocate for healthy living and, of course, our True Lemon packets. She recently took our lemon packets on her shoot in Mallorca and loved it! We're so excited to have her. Without further ado, here is the full interview: 

1. As a model who has graced the cover of FitnessRX, what would be your biggest advice for women to look their best? Do you have any "industry secrets" you can share with us?

To look your best, I believe comes from within - it's how you carry yourself. The presence you bring when you walk into a room or the look that radiates out of you. Of course, I believe that you have to take care of yourself on many levels. To me, there are just so many forms of beautiful out there. My advice is to just feel your best and own it. Who can argue with that.

2. As a mom of 2 beautiful kids, what is your secret for staying in shape and maintaining your youthful glow? Is there a superfood you'd recommend?


All Your Health & Fitness Questions Answered - LIVE on Sept 10th!

True fans! Join us for our first LIVE Twitter Q&A Chat on Wednesday, September 10th at 8pm EST and tweet your health & fitness questions using the hashtag #TrueYourBody. We're excited to announce special guests Roma van Der Walt (@chittawellness) and Jennifer Wasylenko (@pranatraining) to answer your health and fitness questions.

Some of you may be familiar with Roma, founder of Chitta Wellness (personal and group training which provide transformative tools to achieve the ideal body) and former member of the German National for Modern Pentathlon (an Olympic sport comprising five events: fencing, freestyle swimming, show jumping, pistol shooting, and cross-country run). She was featured on our blog last month and has since then become our go-to health and fitness mentor! Also joining us in this chat will be certified Health & Fitness instructor through the American College of Sports Medicine (since 1997) Jennifer Wasylenko. Jennifer is an accomplished distance runner, mountain biker and (soon…


True Citrus Lemonade and Beverage Sampler

True Citrus Lemonade and Beverage Sampler

What’s your favorite fruit? You’re not the first person to be stumped by this question (that’s probably why the fruit basket was invented). We don’t want you to have to choose when it comes to flavoring your water, so we introduced the True Citrus Lemonade and Beverage Sampler, with all the fruity flavors you love!

If drinking eight glasses of water a day has proven to be a challenge for you in the past, you are not alone there either. Eight glasses a day for seven days a week – that’s almost 60 glasses of water. 60! All the more reason you might enjoy the True Citrus Lemonade and Beverage Sampler - five different flavors of delicious water enhancing crystal powder packets – lemonade, raspberry lemonade, peach lemonade, black cherry limeade, and mango orange. When you have this kind of flavor swatch to mix into your water, then eight glasses a day has never been so easy!

At five boxes per sampler and 10 packets per box, you can enjoy 50 tasty True Citrus flavors containing 100% natural ingredients for only $17.96! Not only do they taste great, you get 100% of your recommended daily Vitamin C intake with each serving!


Back to School – Back to Beverage Basics!

Back to School – Back to Beverage Basics!

With the summer break winding down, it’s time to plan a healthy start to the new school year. Now, typically, we spend so much time thinking about healthy meals we often overlook what beverages our kids are putting in their bodies. It’s cheap and convenient, but a can of soda can easily sabotage a healthy lunch.

Easy Lunch Bag Options

If it was up to us we would probably prefer our kids drink water all day, every day. But when that’s not possible, a good compromise is to pack a few quality, flavored water enhancers. When parents are looking for an easy, delicious, and healthy way to flavor water naturally, True Citrus offers a selection of cool citrus drink mix packets in a variety of fun flavors that you can toss into any lunch bag. Kids love the variety, and parents enjoy the convenience. 

Staying Hydrated

Healthy water flavoring packets help kids get the hydration they need without relying on the soda machines found around their school building. True Citrus products like True Lemon Original Lemonade, True Lime Black Cherry Limeade,…


Announcing the Top 3 Finalists for the Summer Smoothie Recipe Contest!

We're incredibly excited to announce that our Top 3 Summer Smoothie Recipe Contest Finalists have been selected! We want to extend a very big thank you to everyone who participated in this summer's contest. With so many creative and delicious submissions to choose from, it sure wasn't easy to select only three recipes as our ultimate faves. (In our eyes, you're all TRUE winners!) Now it's your turn to help us select the Grand Prize, First Prize, and Second Prize Winners!


Berry Orange Mango Tango Smoothie

Submitted by: Elizabeth P.
Recipe yields: 2 servings

Cherry-Melon Mojito Cooler

Submitted by: Lauren K.
Recipe yields: 2 servings

Sweet Greens  

Submitted by: Krista H.
Recipe yields: 1 serving

1 cup of low fat peach yogurt
1 cup sliced strawberries
1 cup of peeled, pitted, and chopped mango
2 packets of True Orange dissolved in a cup of water
2 packets of True Orange Mango dissolved in the same cup of water
7-10 ice cubes

Place peach…


Product Spotlight: True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade

We all know we need to drink more water, but how much is enough? Experts agree each person requires a different daily amount of water every day, with the right amount depending on a person's health, the weather, daily activities (such as amount/intensity of exercise) and if they are pregnant or breastfeeding.

You have probably heard the rule of thumb is 8 eight-ounce glasses of water daily. Mayo Clinic doctors are more specific in their recommendation that the average man consumes about three liters (13 cups) of fluid per day and the average woman about 2.2 liters (9 cups). Pregnancy, exercise and a high-heat climate will add to these basic minimums.

While water is the preferred fluid to provide hydration (it's inexpensive, readily available and contains no calories) any fluids you consume contributes to the required daily minimum. This includes foods high in water content, especially fruits and vegetables like watermelon, tomatoes or lettuce. Even things you think might not count like soda, beer or coffee actually contribute to your daily requirement, although getting your daily fluid intake from these types of beverages is not a good idea because they also require more water to get them out of your system.

To keep water from getting boring we created True Lemon®…


(Un)Healthy Beverages

We all know the effects of poor diets and foods loaded with less-than-healthy ingredients. The problem is separating out the good from the bad. However, there are a number of things you can do to identify healthy versus unhealthy drinks.

Read Nutrition Labels

Understanding a nutrition label is an important first step in ensuring you are drinking natural, high-quality beverages. If an ingredient list is over 10 items long and includes words you do not recognize, chances are the beverage may not be all that healthy. While there are some healthy sweeteners like Stevia used as an alternative to sugar, be cautious of high fructose corn syrup and many artificial sweeteners with chemical-based ingredients.

Identify False Advertising

While the world searches for healthier beverage alternatives, words like “natural,” “sugar-free,” “lowfat,” “nonfat,” “healthy,” and “made with real fruit,” to name a few, appear on food labels everywhere. Let those words be a signal for you to check the nutrition label, look at the ingredients list, and ensure there is enough information to back up those claims. You may need to get online to look up the ingredients or find some history about the manufacturer that suggests a wholesome company culture.


Our Top 10 Finalists Have Been Selected!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our Summer Smoothie Recipe Contest! We received so many creative submissions! It sure wasn't easy, but our Top 10 Finalists have been selected (along with a mystery "wild card" submission not pictured). 

Pictured from left to right:

1. Cherry-Melon Mojito Cooler 

2. Sweet Greens

3. Raspberry Peach Lemon Refresher 

4. Mango, Tuermeric, and Lemon Smoothie

5. Double Berry True Lime Rickey Smoothie

6. Chocolate Orange Mango Protein Smoothie

7. Berry Orange Mango Tango Smoothie

8. True Lime Tropical Delight

9. Black Cherry Limeade Delight

10. True Summer Smoothie

Over the next week, the True Citrus team will be blending and tasting each of these recipes. On August 15th, the Top 3 best, most delicious and original recipes will be featured right here on our blog for public voting (it's the people's choice!) to determine the Grand Prize Winner. Don't miss your chance to vote for your favorite!


Live Your Passion

Here at True Citrus our mantra is to 'Live True'. For us that means living your truest, fullest, and healthiest life. "Living True" means different things to different people. Maybe it's making a commitment to yourself to exercise regularly, committing your time and energy to a cause that's close to your heart, saving your money so you can travel, or starting a company that you passionately believe in like David, the creator of True Citrus products and the founder of our company. It's never too late to go after your dream. If you have a goal, don't delay it. We owe it to ourselves to go after what makes us happy! And no matter how audacious the goal, taking small steps in that direction will create the momentum you need to stay on course. Below are a few of our favorite passion-inspired quotes:


“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there’s love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” — Ella Fitzgerald

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” — Mark Twain

“There is no passion to be found playing…


Feature Interview with Roma van der Walt - Founder of Chitta Wellness

This week we caught up with former member of the German National Team for Modern Pentathlon (1997-2002) and founder of Chitta Wellness, Roma van der Walt. We are so honored to have her as this week's guest. Our staff first came across Roma on Twitter and later her blog (which we highly recommend if you're starting the journey towards healthy living). We hope that Roma can inspire you to find your inner "Chitta" just like she inspired us! If you're lucky, you can probably spot Roma with her cute pup Zola in Brooklyn on her days off. Read the full interview below! 

Can you share a little bit about how Chitta Wellness began? We read on your site that "Chitta" is sanskrit for perception, thinking, and memory-- was that the inspiration? If so, how does that shape or inform your approach to health and fitness? 

Chitta Wellness began because I felt the need to get back to my roots. I was always an athlete, but working at an office job after university was a huge change in lifestyle. I still ran in the beginning, but at some point you get sucked into the 9-5 routine. You sit more, and don't…


Feature Interview with Skyler Bouchard - Founder of @nycdining

We caught up with a special guest this week, Skyler Bouchard, you may recognize her as the face behind the popular Instagram handle @nycdining. When she's not busy being the editor in chief of NYU Spoon, you can probably spot her at unique eateries around New York City. She also happens to run a blog, Food by Skyler, dedicated to new and interesting ways to experience some of your favorite foods. Read on for the full interview below!

Tell us a little about Food by Skyler? What inspired you to start it?

Food by Skyler is a culmination of everything I love to do: experiencing new foods, entertaining people, and experiencing new cultures. While growing up, I always knew I wanted to work in television. When I moved to New York to start school at NYU, in 2011, I realized that New York is not only one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, but also one of the most diverse food scenes. I find this very fascinating because there are over 8 million people in New York City, yet everyone seems to come together over the eclectic food scene here. There is really a restaurant that caters to everyone. So fast forward to the fall of 2012, I had a marvelous epiphany that I could combine…


Summer Smoothie Contest Extended

Summer Smoothie Contest Extended

True Fans! As you may or may not know, our Summer Smoothie Contest has been extended to July 31st! If you haven't had a chance to enter yet, it's not too late to send us your best recipe for blending up the perfect summer sips! Feel free to be creative with your recipes and most importantly have some fun!

For those of you who are just now tuning in - no worries! Below is the run down of the contest along with the prizes for the Grand Prize, First Prize, and Second Prize Winners:


Grand Prize Winner:

First Prize Winner:

Second Prize Winner:


Which is the Best Diet of All? You Will Be Surprised!

Which is the Best Diet of All? You Will Be Surprised!

Atkins, Dash, Gluten-free, High Fat, Low Fat, Low Carb, Low Glycemic, Mediterranean, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian …

Which of these diets is really best for giving glowing health, adding years to our lives and helping us avoid serious illnesses?

The answer is: none of them.

According to Yale University nutritional doctor and researcher Dr. David Katz, the best diet for our bodies has been with us all along. Katz evaluated medical findings about all of today’s popular diets. What he discovered is amazing.

The only factor in any diet that could be shown to promote health was … eating whole foods.

"A diet of minimally processed foods close to nature, predominantly plants, is decisively associated with health promotion and disease prevention."

Break it down:

• Minimally processed foods: That’s “whole” or “real” foods not chemically added to, fried or refined.

• Close to nature: See above.

• Predominantly plants: The large majority of what you eat should be fruits and vegetables, including nuts, seeds and grains, but it’s not necessary to cut out all animal products.

• Decisively associated: Code for “proven beyond a reasonable doubt.”

• Health promotion: Feeling and looking good.

• Disease prevention: Avoiding food caused diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers.

Staying close…