20 Reasons to Reach for Lemon Water Every Morning

March 06, 2015
glass of lemon water with lemon slice

Drink a cup of warm lemon water first thing upon waking and you’ll be stunned at the incredible ways in which it will benefit your mind, body, skin, heart and overall well being. Here are just a few (okay, twenty) reasons why you should consider adding lemon water to your morning routine:

1. It will flush your toxins right on out

2. It’s vitamin C content is a huge boon to your immune system

3. It helps to cure the common cold

4. It’s potassium content will nourish your brain and nerves

5. It’s pectin fiber will help to regulate your appetite

6. It’s an enormous aid in controlling weight

7. It’s vitamin C content is fantastic for your skin and overall complexion

8. It will alkalize your body, help you to maintain a high pH level, and therefore fight off diseases which cannot thrive in such an environment (such as cancer)

9. It can help relieve heartburn

10. It can help relieve tooth pain and combat gingivitis

11. It will help regularize and stimulate your (ahem) bowel movements

12. It supplies you with crucial electrolytes

13. It can reduce pain in your muscles and joints

14. It’s citric acid content will stimulate your digestion

15. It will cleanse your liver better than any other food, prompting the liver to release toxins and produce much needed enzymes

16. It’s a wonderful antioxidant, invaluable to the functioning of your immune system

17. It can lower your blood pressure by significantly

18. It can help dissolve and combat calcium deposits, kidney stones and gallstones

19. It’s anti-inflammatory properties help relieve sore throats and/or inflamed tonsils

20. It’s highly advantageous to pregnant women, by fighting off viruses in their own bodies and by aiding bone growth and brain cell formation in the unborn babies

Worried about keeping your fridge stocked with fresh lemons? Try adding a packet of True Lemon — 100% delicious crystalized lemon — to your cup for the same delicious taste and health benefits.


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