8 Reasons to Reach for Citrus

May 06, 2015
someone holding a lemon wedge

Nothing is quite as refreshing as a cup of cool lemonade on a hot day. But the beneficial qualities of citrus fruits extend far beyond tasty summer beverages. From health perks to beauty secrets, here are eight reasons to incorporate even more citrus into your daily life:

1. Enhance Your Mood: The smells of various citrus fruits are often used in aromatherapy for their spirit-lifting qualities. Citrus flavored oils, mists, and candles have been proven to reduce stress levels, relieve anxiety and foster a greater sense of relaxation.

2. Whiten Your Teeth: Mix baking soda together with lemon juice and brush the mixture onto your teeth. Leave the paste on for about a minute before brushing it off. Experts such as Dr. Oz rave about this home remedy, which will naturally whiten without causing any teeth sensitivities (or holes in your pockets)! Did you know that you can mix True Lemon packets with water to create lemon juice? Click here for measuring equivalents.

3. Get Your Vitamin C: Oranges, lemons, and grapefruits all contain a healthy dose of vitamin C – which, experts say, is one of the most effective nutrients you can put in your body. Among other benefits, vitamin C supports the immune system, fights inflammation, boosts collagen production and substantially improves eyesight.

4. Strengthen Your Nails: Soak your nails in a mixture of lemon juice and any kind of oil or simply rub a lemon wedge over each nail for greater nail strength and a whiter sheen.

5. Brighten Your Skin: Increasing the amount of citrus you ingest helps replenish your complexion from the inside, adding natural radiance to your skin. Putting citrus (such as lemon juice) directly on your face can also help to lighten sunspots, reduce wrinkles, and soften skin (but FYI, it will also make your skin more sensitive to the sun).

6. Manage Your Weight: Citrus fruits are remarkably flavorful yet calorically low, so they are a wonderful choice for a mid-day snack. Additionally, citrus fruits are typically high in dietary fiber and water content, meaning they take more time to digest and keep you satisfied for longer periods. Try mixing 0-calorie True Lemon with water and drinking it before, during, and after meals to help curb hunger (and also keep you hydrated).

7. Sun-kiss Your Hair: Lemon juice is a cheap, easy, tried-and-true way to give your hair natural highlights. Simply apply lemon juice to your strands and bask in the sunshine for a bit. Viola!

8. Combat Cellulite: The bioflavonoid and vitamin C content in citrus fruits work to reduce inflammation and stop “free radical damage” that often results in cellulite. The fruits’ antioxidants also act as a natural diuretic; aiding the digestive system and helping you flush out toxins.

Working more citrus into your life is an easy, cheap and natural way to improve your health regimen and enhance your beauty routine, so load up on citrus during your next trip to the market – and be sure to check out True Citrus’s wide variety of citrus flavored products for some extra zest!


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