How to Have a Healthy Vacation on a Budget

April 05, 2017
woman smiles while paddling down a river

Have you been bit by the travel bug? We sure have! Vacationing on a budget can be a difficult task, but making healthy choices when trying to relax can sometimes be even more of a challenge.

How can you vacation healthfully on the cheap while still having fun? We’ll tell you:

  • Choose a place to stay that has a kitchen.
    It’s lovely to have someone else cook all of your meals when you want to relax, but eating at a restaurant 3x a day isn’t very economical. It can also be difficult to stick to healthy choices when there are so many ways to indulge! When planning your trip, find a vacation rental or hotel room with a small kitchen. Even just getting nutrient-dense groceries for making breakfasts will save you big time.
  • Bring your own snacks!
    Stop at the store before you leave for vacation and purchase some non-perishable snacks for your trip, such as beef jerky, nuts, or low-sugar protein bars. You’ll be more likely to make healthy choices, and pay less for them than you would in a resort town! Airports and rest stops don’t often have a wide variety of nutritional options either, so getting these snacks ahead of time will ensure you won’t go hungry.
  • Get non-alcoholic whenever you can.
    It’s fun to indulge a little bit with cocktails when vacationing, but that’s a sure-fire way to rack up a lot of calories, sugar, and costs! Choosing non-alcoholic every now and then will help keep your diet on track, while also making less of an impact on your wallet. If you’re still craving a treat, order a soda water and stir in a packet of True Watermelon Aqua Fresca. You won’t even miss the booze!
  • When dining out, be a vegetarian!
    Often times vegetarian dishes are much less expensive than the meat-heavy alternatives, so choosing to eat vegetarian when dining out is a smart way to cut down on costs. It is also a great way to include more vegetable-heavy dishes while you’re travelling!

A little extra planning will allow you to enjoy a healthy and happy vacation without breaking the bank. Who says having fun has to be expensive?

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