Learn to Love Your Body, From The Inside Out.

January 29, 2013

Here at True Citrus we’re all about staying “True” to our bodies and what we put in them. Unlike other water enhancers and powdered soft drinks, ours are the only products made from the juices and oils of real fruit and 100% natural ingredients. With no artificial colors, sweeteners, sodium or preservatives, you can feel good about adding your favorite True Citrus products to your water because they taste great and they’re good for you!

And while what we drink and eat everyday can impact how we’re feeling about our bodies, it’s important to remember that we are greater than the sum of our individual parts. As women, we know that many of us struggle with our body image and spend too much energy focusing on what we don’t like about ourselves rather than what makes us special. (Thankfully the world is not nearly as critical of us as we often are of ourselves!) Too many of us still diet until we’re dizzy and succumb to society’s false expectations of achieving the so-called “perfect” body. But here at True Citrus, where we all come in different shapes and sizes, we are always complimenting each other and encouraging each other in our efforts to stay healthy or become healthier. We hope that this month (and every day moving forward), you too will focus on LOVING your body (if you don’t already) – for all that it can do and the miracle that it is right this very second.  And if you need some tips and tricks to start to do that, then read below!

  • Start moving – even a little.It’s so easy to reach for food to deal with our emotions – stress, fatigue, worry, and even happiness. Instead try just once – today, this week or this month – to channel those emotions into some sort of movement, whether a total-body workout or getting up from your desk to walk around your office. Whether you need a quick boost, an energy lift, or even a way to celebrate something great in your life, exercise can help you turn your focus from appearance to gratitude for everything your body enables you to do. A moving body is a beautiful body! (And studies show that even the smallest change in the amount of exercise you’re getting can have a big impact on how your body feels and operates.)
  • Step off the scale.When you move away from letting the scale steal your happiness and be a gauge of self-worth, you’ll start to build a truly loving relationship with your body. Learning to love your body and be accepting of everything – strengths and flaws – is a journey, but one well worth it!
  • Dare tonotcompare.Like everything in life, if you’re always comparing yourself to others, you’ll often end up feeling inadequate and unhappy about your body or life. So choose not to do it! No single body (or life!) is perfect, and your body is the only body you will ever have. Accept it. Love it. And try to stop wasting time disliking any single part of it. Feel proud of your body – exactly as it is today.
  • Focus on what helps you feel good.Taking care of your body shouldn’t be a chore.You should eat healthier because it makes you feel good and keeps you from anything that leaves you feeling guilty or unsatisfied. You should exercise because it energizes you, keeps you focused, and prolongs the quality of your life. Whether or not these things make you thinner is not the point. Eating right and moving your body are essential to your overall well-being.

How have you already learned to love your body? Let us know via customercare@truecitrus.comFacebook or Twitter!