Low-Sugar Cocktail Recipes

August 25, 2018
True Lime with margs in a glass with salt

Although Labor Day brings the unofficial end of summertime, there’s still plenty of reasons to celebrate the long weekend holiday.

Whether gathering with friends and family for dinner, fitting in one last camping trip, or having a cookout at a park, we have some delicious ideas for low-sugar drink recipes that won’t wreck your healthy diet.

Delicious Low-Sugar Cocktail Recipes for Labor Day Weekend

True Grapefruit Summer Spritz Cocktail

True Grapefruit Summer Spritz Cocktail
A light and refreshing cocktail recipe, this drink is best when served over ice in a copper mug.


Cherry-Melon Mojito Cooler
This blended drink will be a huge hit on a hot day. Want to cut the sugar back a little further? Leave out the agave or honey, and let the melon really shine!


True Lime Pineapple Mint Punch
Festive and fruity, this punch will make you feel like you’re still living poolside. Reduce the sugar more by omitting the simple syrup entirely, and stick with just the pineapple juice.


True Lemon Lemony Beez Neez
Honey creates the natural sweetness in this end-of-summer drink, and True Lemonade gives it that tart kick of flavor. Refreshing and utterly delightful!


True Citrus Champagne Punch
What is more celebratory than champagne? If you’re being extra good, skip the superfine sugar and let the limoncello and fruit provide the sweetness. Cheers!


True Lemon Blackberry Gin & Tonic
Get in those berries while they’re still in season! Reduce the simple syrup to a couple of tablespoons to lower your sugar intake even more, but enjoy as many blackberries as you wish.

Rosemary Lemonade (Virgin or Boozy)

Rosemary Lemonade (Virgin or Boozy)
A special twist on classic lemonade that is not too sweet with an added savory punch from the rosemary.


Tropical Orange Mango Margarita
Summer ain’t over until the frozen margarita sings! And this margarita really does. Your weekend party just got a little better.

If you’re trying to cut back on your alcohol intake, all of these recipes can easily be made mocktails. Just create the mixer and add soda water instead of alcohol.

Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend!

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