Recipe Feature: Our Favorite Ways to use Lemon and Lime!

August 06, 2016
women holds bucket of lemons

It’s pretty obvious from our name that we love all of those tangy citrus fruits! They add wonderful flavors to recipes, and brighten the taste of so many of our favorite foods.

We decided to compile some of our favorite recipes that include those deliciously divine fruits: Lemon and Lime!

True Lime Mint Spring Green Fruit Salad
Fresh and crunchy, this scrumptious combination will be sure to perk up your taste buds. It’s healthy, and super easy to throw together in just a few minutes!

Fiesta True Lime Chicken
Skip going to a restaurant tonight – this is a quick recipe that you and your family will absolutely love. It’s great served over rice, and the leftovers can be used on a taco salad the next day!

True Lemon, Asparagus, and Goat Cheese Rotini
This dish is a wonderful weeknight recipe – it’s simple, delicious, and light. It is also great to throw together for a last-minute get together or potluck!

Shrimp and Broccoli Scampi
Summery and light, you will please everyone with this seemingly decadent dish! It’s perfect for gluten-free folks as well.

True Lemon Basil Quinoa Salad
This is a fantastic and easy side dish for dinner, or to bring to work as a light lunch. The quinoa is a great source of protein to keep you satisfied all day long!

Spicy Chickpeas
These chickpeas are an amazing snack to make for party guests, or at your next game night! It also features BOTH True Lime and True Lemon, so naturally it’s one of our favorites. A unique alternative to chips!

Savory Melon Salad
A bright and refreshing salad that will help boost your hydration, but also taste delicious. Great for sharing!

True Lime Chicken Marinade
This is an excellent combination of flavors for savory and sweet chicken! Perfect for grilling.

Another one of the best ways to use True Lime and True Lemon is in your favorite smoothie recipes. It’s so much easier to have a few packets on hand, rather than worry about always keeping the fruit stocked in your fridge!

Looking for more recipes? Try out some of these refreshing drink ideas, and be sure to check out our full recipe page!

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