Top 5 Health and Weight Loss Apps!

September 07, 2016
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Whether you’re trying to lose weight or simply get healthier, utilizing an app on your smartphone to support your goals can be very helpful. They’re also great tools in keeping yourself accountable and on track, as well as seeing how far you’ve come!

Top 5 health and weight loss apps to keep you motivated:

Lose it
Cost: FREE
Compatibility: iPhone and Android

This is a comprehensive all-encompassing weight loss app that is super easy to use. It helps you set goals, and create your own daily calorie allotments. If you want to eat more calories during the day, the app sets up how to counteract them with more exercise! It includes recipes, meal plans, a barcode scanner for entering product information, exercise log, sleep goals, milestones, graphs, and progress tracking. It also has a HUGE online community for extra support whenever you need it!

Cost: Varies by goals
Compatibility: iPhone and Android

Who doesn’t love earning a real financial reward for good health? Every week you set a personal goal for healthy eating and exercise, then put up how much money you’re willing to risk if you don’t reach your goals. It’s pretty simple: If you meet your goal, you earn cash – fall short, and you lose the money. What you earn comes from other users that don’t reach their weekly goals. This is a great app for people that struggle with holding themselves accountable!

Cost: FREE
Compatibility: iPhone and Android

Fooducate is great for health goals, not just weight loss. It helps you look at actual nutritional value of food, rather than just the calorie content. You scan a food item and the app will “grade” it on how good or bad the food choice is for your health! It’s a simple way to get the nutritional info you need immediately to make good decisions.

Water Drink Reminder
Cost: FREE
Compatibility: Andriod

This is a great app for reminding you to drink enough water every day – something we’re very passionate about at True Citrus! Just enter your current weight, and the app determines how much you need. It even reminds you when it’s time to drink again – how awesome is that? Here are some more great tips for staying hydrated, and here is a similar iPhone compatible app!

Cost: $59.99 / month (individual program)
Compatibility: Android and iPhone

Noom isn’t for temporary health goals – this is the app you need to change your life! It gives you personalized information through a 4-step program (Learning, Practice, Advanced Learning, and Mastery), where you’re constantly supported by real doctors and nutritionists. They use validated research, personalized coaches, and sophisticated technology to not just point you in the direction of good health but to give you the knowledge you need for the future. They even have a diabetes prevention-specific program! Although it’s more of a cost, this program is for people who are truly serious about getting their lives on track. You get what you pay for with this amazingly helpful app!

We understand how expensive getting healthy can be, and these apps are an effective and inexpensive way to reach your personal health goals.

Looking for more health tips? Here are some great ways to clean up your diet, starting today!

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