Trick or Treat | Tips for a Healthy Halloween!

October 13, 2016
two people comparing their pumpkins

You’ve finally got your healthy habits back on track, you’re feeling great, and then you realize the sugary temptations you’ve been working so hard to resist are right in front of your face: it’s HALLOWEEN!

Those tiny pre-wrapped candy bars are popping up in bowls all around the workplace, and they even take over an entire aisle at the grocery store. It’s hard enough to resist the temptation on a regular day, but now you’re expected to buy bags of sweets and give them away!?

Don’t scream! We have some Halloween health tips to help you enjoy the fun of the season without getting scared.

Put off buying candy until the day of Trick-or-Treating.
If you have candy sitting around in your house the week before, you’ll be more tempted to break into the stash before the holiday. Also, it’s better to buy a little less to avoid leftovers – you don’t want that extra bag sitting around calling your name!

Choose candy you don’t like.
Some kids love licorice, but you might not! There’s no better way to resist dipping into the candy bowl than if it’s full of a candy that’s not your favorite.

Try purchasing non-candy items instead.
Who says Halloween is just about sugar? Maybe this year, try purchasing inedible things to hand out. Some ideas: bouncy balls, spider rings, bubbles, stickers, pencils, glow sticks, or crayons. And really, kids are probably better off without the extra sugar anyway!

Hand out True Citrus!
Our products come in perfectly pre-portioned packages, they’re sweetened naturally with Stevia, and they’re a healthy alternative to sugary candy bars. You won’t need to worry about resisting temptation if you choose to hand these out!

Give out snacks, not sweets.
Another idea is to hand out packets of dried fruit, trail mix, microwaveable popcorn, or peanut butter. They might not be the most favorite prizes for the kiddos, but you can feel good about what you’re handing out – and even save the leftovers for your next snack time!

Get dark chocolate squares.
Sometimes, we must give in to our cravings. Choosing healthier substitutes will satisfy you without getting thrown completely off track. To the kids, chocolate is chocolate, but you’ll know that there are more health benefits to eating a simple square of dark chocolate in place of that 3 Musketeers candy bar!

What are your tricks (or treats) for resisting temptation during Halloween? What is your favorite healthy alternative to candy? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Halloween!
[Credit: Wellingon, Chrissy. “Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Halloween.”]

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