Tried & True: Weight Loss Apps We Love

February 23, 2015

Whether this winter has you swerving away from your New Years resolutions or you simply feel like you could use a bit of support in the fight to get fit—weight loss apps are an effective, inexpensive way to keep yourself accountable and on track. Here’s a list of our favorite weight-loss apps sure to lead you to success:

Pact: This is an app for those who do better with real, external incentives (like MONEY!). Each week you’ll set a personal goal for exercise and healthy eating, and then wager a certain amount of cash. By snapping photos of your meals and tracking your workouts via GPS apps, you will either reach your goal and earn (real) cash, or fall short and lose whatever you had put on the line. Talk about accountability!

Fooducate: An app that lets you “look beyond the calories” and into the real nutritional value of what you are putting into your body. Simply scan the barcode of any food item, and this App will clue you in (via letter grade and full explanation) on just how good—or bad— of a choice you are actually making. Free, educational, community-based, and highly effective!

Nike+ Running: This is an app for anyone from aspiring to veteran runner. Track your jogs, races, and marathons while Nike+ serves as your virtual coach, providing you with training programs and daily routines to increase your stamina and beat your own personal records. A must-have for any runner!

7-Minute Workout: Too busy to hit the gym? Too tired to make it through an hour of zumba? This is the app for you! Twelve high-intensity, 30-second exercises (with 10 seconds of rest in between each)—all together equaling a 7-minute workout routine that has been scientifically proven to maximize your time and energy for a highly effective sweat-sesh.

Noom Coach: Never diet again! This app will help you develop and integrate life-long eating and exercise habits, helping you to maintain your health and keep the weight off……forever. Noom Coach is a personalized weight loss app that, in addition to logging your workouts and food intake, will more importantly provide you with clear feedback, motivation, and personalized advice on how to keep improving.

Lose It: A free, comprehensive weight loss app that provides you with the perks of having a pocket-sized personal trainer with you at all times. Easy to use, this app creates a custom weight-loss plan just for you, providing you with recipes, meal plans, barcode scanners, calorie trackers, exercise logs, step-trackers, sleep goals, and an enormous online community.

A little help can go a long way in terms of exercise routines and weight loss plans. Try out one (or all) of these helpful apps and let us know which work the best for you!