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Claudia Ackerman
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"True Citrus products are refreshing, delicious, good-for-you and portable.

How do you live your happiest, healthiest and truest life?

"Exploring nature through travel and photography helps me focus on the beauty in the world. Shooting landscapes makes the noise and distractions of ever day life disappears. While my life is super busy because I’m a mother, wife and business woman, I started taking a trip by myself outside the country about 12 years ago, which was a big deal and a lot of people told me I shouldn’t do it for a lot of different reasons. But now I take a trip like this about once every 2-1/2 years and this solo trip has become important to me. It’s part of how I center myself, how I recharge, how I push myself and how I grow. It’s a bit scary embarking on a solo adventure to a place I’ve never been but I always come back feeling stronger and emotional richer for the experience. I find I’m living my healthiest, happiest and truest life when I’m out in nature – where-ever that may be - with my camera."

Why do you love True Citrus?

"True Citrus products are refreshing, delicious, good-for-you and portable. I bring them everywhere I go, including hiking on a glacier in Patagonia and hang gliding in New Zealand! I also love cooking with them and use the shakers at home all the time. True Lemon on tuna is a favorite!"

Claudia's Favorite Products
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Claudia's Favorite Products
  • True Lemon
  • True Lime
  • True Lemon Shaker
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Customer Stories

I've been drinking True products for years - even before starting my wellness journey because it has always helped me get my water intake in each day.

Ewan Grabelsky

By far the number one reason I love True Citrus is because it gets me to drink more water!

Ashleigh Gallagher

It’s perfect for a busy student like me. I always carry the products in my bag, purse or backpack!

Maria Fernanda