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April 23, 2024

Spicy Ranch Water Recipe with Simple Ingredients

A Spicy Twist on a Skinny Margarita

Originating from West Texas, Spicy Ranch Water is a zesty favorite that's perfect for those seeking a lighter, more refreshing alternative to the classic margarita.  

Don't let the name fool you; there's no actual ranch involved... Instead, our Spicy Ranch Water recipe features a lively blend of tequila, sparkling mineral water, True Lime, and a couple of spicy additions. Ready to dive into a new kind of refreshment? Kick off your boots and cool down—the Texas way!  

Spicy Ranch Water delivers on three key promises: they're low carb, use simple ingredients, and come together faster than you can say “cheers!”, making refreshments on a hot day effortless! Spicy Ranch Water is not just any drink; it's the latest sensation sweeping across trendy gatherings and backyard barbecues alike. 

The secret ingredient to mouthwatering flavor? True Lime crystallized lime packets. True Lime takes Spicy Ranch Water to another level with convenience and a bright citrus flavor!