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Top 5 New Year's Goals & Resolutions for 2021

Top 5 New Year's Goals & Resolutions for 2021

2020 is almost over, folks! A lot of people are looking into 2021 with a sense of renewed hope, and setting new goals that reflect those feelings. 

There will most likely be a lot of New Year’s Resolution ideas out there about losing quarantine weight or getting back into shape. However, focusing on overall health and happiness is a different route we want to take instead. 

Remember to make specific, tangible goals in order to increase your likelihood of success! Healthy habits take repetition over time in order to make them stick, so make sure they are goals you can work towards each day, that they are precise, and that you have a date in mind in order to complete them. These resolutions are a great place to start.

Top 5 Resolution Ideas for 2021

Reassess the way you work from home

If you have the ability to work from home (and will be doing so for the foreseeable future), reassess your home / work set-up. Is your chair providing good support for your back? Is your screen at a good height so that you aren’t craning your neck? Is your desk in a good space for focusing, or can you move it somewhere else? Is it quiet enough where you are working, or is it time to invest in some noise-canceling headphones? Create a goal to make your work-life balance a little more stable. 

Do something mindfully each day

Blocking off 15-30 minutes can feel daunting when your days are already so busy. However, everyone can spare just 5 minutes! Use 5 minutes a day to do something mindful for yourself. Complete a short meditation with the Headspace app, or do some deep stretches before starting the day. Take 5 minutes to slowly sip your coffee and enjoy the warmth to the last drop. Write something down in your journal that you’re grateful for. Chew your food slowly and deliberately. Take a hot and restorative shower, and breathe deeply. 

Find a new way to give back each month

Set a reminder at the beginning of each month in 2021 to remind you to find a new way to give back to your community. With so many people out of work, more people than ever are struggling to put food on the table. Donate to Feeding America and help your local food bank feed those in need. Find an online running event to participate in (and motivate yourself) to support Girls on the Run. Even something as simple as shoveling your neighbor’s driveway before they wake up on a snowy morning will rejuvenate your connection with your community. 

Find a healthier coping mechanism in the new year

This year, we may have dealt with stress, grief, or sadness in any number of unhealthy ways. Maybe we’ve coped through drinking more alcohol at the end of the day, giving up on our exercise routine, or overindulging on comfort foods. For a resolution idea in 2021, why not opt to try and deal with these deep emotional changes in a new and healthy way? Instead of reaching for a drink, try sparkling water with True Lemon Fruit Infusions or wind down with a hot cup of herbal tea. If feeling stressed, rather than distracting yourself by flicking through channels, boost your endorphins by going out for a walk or run. Don’t try to remove the way that you cope, but replace that unhealthy habit with a new, healthier one

Become financially empowered (by a certain date)

We all have our own financial goals. Whether it’s to save more money, pay off the car, spend less on Amazon, or pay off your credit card debt, we all have financial burdens that we want to tackle. This year, make a plan to reach your goal by a specific time. Meet with a financial adviser, or rent a financial advice book from the library to read. Schedule weekly and monthly check-ins for yourself to stay on top of your progress, and be sure to plan for a reward at the end for when you reach your goal. 

The new year is a beautiful time to start over again. With 2020 being such a challenging year for so many people, we look to 2021 with renewed hope as we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. These New Year’s goals will lay a strong foundation for a healthier and happier future moving forward. 

Happy New Year!