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November 08, 2016

6 Energy Boosters to Kick-Start Your Morning Coffee

Think that coffee is the best way to wake up in the morning? Well, think again! When that cup of Joe just won't cut it anymore, adding a couple of healthy boosters will get your engine revved and ready to go.

Here are some great energy boosters to add to your morning coffee. 

6 Energy Boosters to Add to Coffee

  1. Cacao
    No, we aren't suggesting starting the day with a cup of sugary hot chocolate. Cacao powder is a raw form of the base of chocolate, before sugar is added. It contains nutrients that help stimulate the flow of endorphins, those happy hormones you get from exercising. 
  2. Coconut oil*
    The fats in coconut oil are more easily absorbed into your body than others, which means faster fuel for your body. Since you can metabolize the fat more quickly, it won't stick around your body for long (or stick on your thighs, belly, or butt).
  3. Cinnamon
    Not only does it taste delicious with coffee, but cinnamon also has anti-inflammatory properties. If you sometimes wake up with muscle or joint soreness, sprinkling some cinnamon on top of your coffee can help get you moving more comfortably.
  4. Cardamom
    Sounds like cinnamon, but not quite - this spice has been shown to increase circulation, a key component in supporting good energy levels. This ingredient can be found in Chai tea, along with cinnamon. You could even try a half-Chai-half-coffee combination and enjoy the benefits of both spices. 
  5. Grass-fed Butter*
    Fats (in limited quantities) are not the enemy of having a healthy diet. Those three packets of sugar you are adding to your morning coffee definitely are! It may sound a bit strange to add butter to your drink, but some research suggests that including fats in your morning meal can help give a boost of energy to your brain, and body. The omega-3 fatty acids support connections between the neurons in your brain, which means you'll be more focused and more productive.
  6. Cayenne Powder
    If you can handle a little kick, adding some cayenne to coffee will perk up your metabolism and your taste buds! Cayenne contains capsaicin, which can help boost metabolism and even suppress appetite. Try it with a little dark chocolate in your coffee as a wonderful contrast in flavor.

*When adding fats to your coffee, it is best to blend it. Here is a good article about creating your own Bulletproof coffee with some of the ingredients listed above. As a general rule, when adding a high level of fat to your diet its important to expend that energy with plenty of exercise.

With any new dietary change, consult your doctor or nutritionist first. Working towards starting your day the healthiest way possible? Try including some of these superfoods in your breakfast!

[Credit: Ernst, Kat. 5 Natural Energy Boosters to Add to Your Morning Cup of Coffee. Shape Magazine.]