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January 13, 2015

Weight Loss Straight from the Tap: 7 Ways to Start Drinking More Water

It's no surprise that drinking enough water plays an incredibly important role in keeping your body operating efficiently, your skin clear, and your overall health intact. Countless studies have shown that increasing the amount of water you consume each day may also be an important key to controlling calories and creating balance and strength, both mentally and physically.

Here are 7 ways to start incorporating more water into your daily routine so you can bring about all you set out to achieve this year. Get guzzling!

7 Ways to Start Drinking More Water

  1. Wake and Hydrate
    Get in the habit of setting a full glass of water on your nightstand before you get ready for bed each night. Drink the entire glass as soon as you wake up, and you'll have a whole cup down before you've even brushed your teeth! Or follow the advice of many prominent health professionals who recommend starting your day off with a cup of hot lemon water. Whether you're using a fresh lemon slice or a packet of True Lemon (which is way easier), benefits of drinking lemon water first thing in the morning include: an immune system boost, aided digestion, clearer skin, and much more.
  2. Spice Up Your Life
    Not only is spicier food said to boost your metabolism, but the hotter you spice your meals the quicker you'll be reaching for more water. So pour on the sriracha and pile on those crushed red pepper flakes and keep a glass of water close by. But beware that spicy foods may not be ideal for everyone.
  3. There's an App for That
    Simply search for water in the App store on your mobile device and you'll find plenty of free options that will help you remember to hydrate, such as Waterlogged or Daily Water Free. You can also set your own reminders on your phone.
  4. Stay Prepared
    Treat yourself to a new reusable water bottle, and keep it with you during your daily commute, at the gym, and on your desk at work. 
  5. Drink Before You Eat
    Research has shown that people who drink water before a meal are more likely to eat less during it. Rewire your brain to see water as an appetizer: drink an entire glass of water before every meal, and watch as your self-control increases and your appetite decreases.
  6. Party with H2O
    It is easy to forget about water when other fancier beverages are thrown into the mix. On big nights out, get into the habit of interspersing glasses of water with your alcoholic beverages. Not only will this save money, calories, and horrible hangovers, but it also ensures you'll be getting enough water even on your nights off.
  7. Give it Some Flavor
    Drinking the same thing all day every day can get monotonous, but sweetened drinks are usually chock-full of calories, unnecessary sugar or artificial sweeteners. Give your water some guilt-free zest by adding any of True Citrus naturally delicious and refreshing flavors to your cup.