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September 29, 2016

Apple Cider Vinegar: Best Thing Ever, or Bunk?

You've probably heard some of the miracle claims of adding Apple Cider Vinegar to your health routine, such as treating diabetes, whitening teeth, fighting acne, and everything in between. But what are the scientifically-backed facts about what ACV can do to benefit your health?

Since there are so many health claims out there, we thought we would address some that science has actually backed about this mysterious (and pretty amazing) vinegar.

What can Apple Cider Vinegar do for you? 

  • It helps to balance blood sugar.
    You know that feeling that you get a little while after eating a lot of sugar or refined carbohydrates? Your energy levels crash, your ability to focus on work deteriorates, and you end up reaching for more sugar to satiate the craving. This is what happens when your blood sugar levels spike, then come crashing back down to earth. Anti-glycemic properties found in ACV could help keep those spikes more even keel when consumed before a meal, according to some studies. This could be great news for people with diabetes, although researchers are still working on nailing down the particulars in understanding it.
  • It can help fight bacteria.
    Since vinegar has antimicrobial properties, it's been used as a natural way to combat infections for thousands of years. Because vinegar is so acidic, it shouldn't be used directly on skin as it can cause more irritation. However, diluted solutions can be beneficial as long as used with caution. Start with a ratio of 1 tablespoon of ACV to 2 cups of warm water and go from there. And it is never recommended to gargle with ACV, even with a sore throat. Tea is much better for soothing that!
  • It can soothe a tummy ache.
    If you're feeling some indigestion or heartburn after a meal, ACV is a natural way that can help soothe an aching belly. The vinegar can help with neutralizing the acids in your stomach naturally. Try a combination of 1 tbsp ACV, a packet of True Lemon, and 1 tbsp honey with warm water.

When it comes to Apple Cider Vinegar, the best rule is to start in small doses. Although it seems like many success stories come from personal experiences, science has yet to back up most of them - so as always, take those claims with a grain of salt. Proceed with caution, and use common sense!

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