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Avoiding the Coronavirus: How to Keep Yourself Safe & Healthy

It is a scary time in the world right now. As news of the far reaches of Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, it’s natural to get concerned about our own health and safety. 

At True Citrus, we take this topic very seriously, and hope to empower you to make informed and safe decisions about your own personal wellness. 

Although this epidemic is concerning, there are a number of practices you can incorporate into your everyday life to support a healthy immune system and reduce your likelihood of catching any number of viruses that are going around. 

How to Support a Healthy Immune System: Avoiding the Coronavirus

Keep everything clean, clean, clean!

This includes washing your hands often (sing the Happy Birthday song 3x in a row while scrubbing), especially after being out in public, using the restroom, eating at a restaurant, or if you’ve been blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing. 

Hand sanitizer is a good alternative when soap and water aren’t available, but be sure that whatever brand you use contains at least 60% alcohol. Rub between your hands until they feel dry, and be sure to avoid touching your face. 

At home and at work: clean and disinfect frequently used surfaces regularly. This includes desktops, counters, phones, doorknobs, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and sinks. 

Drink plenty of fluids. 

Whether you’re feeling ill or not, keeping your body well hydrated is an excellent way to stay healthy. Not only are you more able to quickly produce immune cells, but your body will have an easier time flushing out dead cells and toxins. True Citrus products are a wonderful way to encourage yourself to drink more water, as we only use simple, clean ingredients with delicious flavor combinations. 

Avoid crowds, when possible.

Many large events are being canceled due to COVID-19, which is a good precaution to take. Since the virus spreads from person to person through close contact (within 6 feet) the less opportunities you have to be in contact with many different people the better. If you were planning to attend a large event where many people are gathering, consider staying home for the sake of your health. 

Pack in plenty of nutrition. 

Increase your intake of leafy greens, fresh fruits, and hearty vegetables. Get a diverse range of colorful foods in your regular diet to maximize nutrients. Now is a better time than ever to start ramping up those good, healthy foods. Your immune system will thank you!

If you’re feeling sick, stay home. 

This is the absolute best way to not participate in the spread of disease - if you feel ill at all stay at home. Stay as isolated as possible, away from other family members and pets. 

If you are sick and need to leave your house for any reason such as for a doctor’s appointment, wear a mask. Be sure to throw away tissues immediately after use (and wash / sanitize your hands), and if you have the urge to cough or sneeze do so in the crease of your elbow (not in your hand). 

Yes, the Coronavirus is a serious issue. However, taking these precautions and being smart about your day-to-day decisions will go a long way in keeping you safe, happy, and healthy. 

Here are some great resources with more information about the Coronavirus: 

The World Health Organization
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

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