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October 05, 2018

The Benefits of Being Hydrated

At True Citrus, we've spent a lot of time understanding the benefits of hydration. Our products have been proven to encourage more water consumption and we take pride in that fact. Apart from eating a balance of healthy foods as well as getting plenty of sleep and regular exercise, staying hydrated is an important factor in maintaining good overall health and wellness.

Why is it so important to drink enough water every day?

You should make an effort to drink more water every day in order to:

Support your immune system

The best way to prevent illness is to support the cells of your immune system, which are mostly made up of water! If you want to reduce your likelihood of catching a cold, stay hydrated.

Wake up more easily in the morning

During sleep our bodies go between 6-9 hours without water. Yet it's such an important part of cellular function that consuming a big glass first thing in the morning will really wake up your system. Getting hydrated at the beginning of the day may even turn you into a morning person!

Recover quickly

From illnesses, exercise soreness, and hangovers, you'll bounce back from any ailment much faster when you're well hydrated. Water helps new cells replicate and rebuild, letting your body heal much more quickly than when dehydrated.

Lose weight

Yes, hydration is linked to lower body weight! If that number on the scale isn't moving, check in to make sure you're drinking plenty of water. Keep in mind that water weight isn't the same as fat, so it's a good idea to understand the difference. Also if you're drinking water you'll be less tempted to drink sugary sodas, and that's a really good thing.

Look younger and make your skin glow

Skin cells absolutely love water. If your skin is looking tired, perk it up from the inside out! Staying well hydrated will provide your largest organ with a natural glow and make you look more fabulous than ever.

Feel happier and less stressed

Your brain is much happier on water. Well-hydrated neurons make for faster connections and easier brain function, which is linked to lower stress levels and a reduced risk of depression. Remove the fog in your head by keeping it all hydrated!

Make every system in your body work optimally

Overall health is found when each and every one of your body's 11 systems are working at their very best. Increasing your water intake is one of the easiest ways to make each system run more smoothly. Although our bodies are all organic material, water works within us like oil in a machine.

True Citrus can help! Our products don't add any calories to your water, and their delicious flavors will encourage you to keep reaching for a glass. 

Cheers to your health!