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April 10, 2020

How to Boost Your Mood | The Best Self-Care Tips

Times are hard and very uncertain right now. On top of dealing with the stress of everything going on in the world, we have a lot to take on at home. Whether trying to balance caring for the kids while working from home, or trying to balance screen time with wind-down time, or feeling the weight of financial burdens, it’s easier than ever to get overwhelmed and feel anxious. 

With news changing daily and information coming at us from all directions, it is more important than ever to make time to take care of ourselves. Self-care is just for the sake of reducing stress, but for supporting a healthy immune system and improving mood and positivity as well. 

Boost Your Mood | Practice These Self-Care Tips at Home

  • Focus your attention on the task at hand.
    We often get so good at multitasking that we forget to focus energy on what we’re actually trying to accomplish. We take bites of food in between doing dishes and folding laundry. We try to catch up with friends while driving or taking the dog for a walk. Instead of giving a little focus to a lot of things, give your full attention to the moment. At mealtime, sit and slowly chew your food focusing on every flavor. Take the time to really get into the conversation you’re having with a friend. Remember that these moments are about quality, not quantity. 
  • Have fun and practice play!
    Do you remember playing as a child? We often use our free time to stream a TV show, read a book, or start a new project. But what about letting loose and being silly? Play is a wonderful way to increase creativity, imagination, and energy. Set up a video call with friends for a trivia night, turn up some music and dance in your living room, or play a game with your kids in the yard. You’ll reduce stress and boost energy, so go ahead and have some fun! 
  • Remove distractions.
    When was the last time you went for a walk without your phone, or drove without turning the radio on? When was the last time you switched off your smartphone entirely? Although it is great to have the technology to stay connected right now, it is also really important to take the time to disconnect and sit with our own feelings and thoughts. It is difficult to calm the mind when we’re constantly surrounded by noise or getting alerts on our phones. 
  • Take breaks.
    Whether working from home or managing the kids, be sure to step away and take a break just for yourself. Take a long bath, go for a walk (without your phone, if possible), or even just find a quiet room with a door you can close to pop in some headphones and listen to your favorite music for an hour. Make breaks a priority every day. 
  • Refresh your body.
    Right now there is a temptation to turn to comfort foods or alcohol to find balance or to numb our feelings. However, heavy or processed foods put stress on our digestive systems which can impact the immune system and our ability to effectively fight off illness. Drinking even small amounts of alcohol disrupts the natural sleep cycle (vital in overall health and wellness), and is processed as sugar in the body leading to even more issues. Instead of eating and drinking your feelings, refresh your body from the inside out! At True Citrus, we have a full line of good-for-you products that will encourage you to drink more water and stay hydrated. When you choose hydration and nutrition over processed foods or alcohol, you’re choosing better immune function, improved sleep, and better well-being overall. 
  • Start practicing a new healthy habit.
    Habits are all about repetition, so this is a great time to start incorporating new healthy habits into your routine. Some simple habits you can start working towards: meditating for 5 minutes when you wake up in the morning, flossing before bed, or swapping your second coffee for a cup of herbal tea instead.

Although times are stressful, it is so important to take care of ourselves right now - inside and out. Create time every day for yourself, and take care of your mind, your body, and your overall health. As always, True Citrus is here to support you in staying happy and healthy.


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