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June 08, 2019

Boost hydration! Amazing Benefits of Fruit Infused Water

Summer has almost arrived, which means it is more important than ever to start increasing your water intake. A great way to help boost hydration is with fruit infused water.

No, fruit infused water is not more hydrating than regular water. However, infused detox water does help to:

  • Add more vitamins (if you choose to eat the fruit / veggies afterwards)
  • Encourage drinking water (since infused water tastes delightful)
  • Reduce sugar intake (since you’ll be more likely to reach for water than sugary soda or juice)

Why is it so important to drink more water in the summertime?

In the summer, we are commonly exercising outdoors more often, and sweating more frequently due to increased heat. These factors contribute to dehydration since our bodies release water through sweat.

It also never hurts to get more fruits, vegetables, and herbs into our diets. This is just an added bonus of drinking detox water for hydration.

What are the Benefits of Being Well Hydrated?

  • You will lose more weight.
    If your body is retaining water, it is because you either aren’t drinking enough H2O or you are consuming too much sodium. Drinking more water and reducing sodium intake will support the release of excess water weight, giving you a sleeker, slimmer frame.
  • You will recover from any ailment faster than ever before.
    Whether trying to reduce the likelihood of getting a hangover, the length of an illness, or fatigue from exercise, starting every day well-hydrated will support a lower recovery time.
  • Your skin will look younger and healthier.
    You know the benefits of hydrating your face with lotion and protecting skin with sunscreen. However, drinking plenty of water is a way to nourish and plump up cells from the inside out!
  • Your stress will be greatly reduced.
    The brain is mostly made up of water. When your brain is hydrated, the connections between neurons (the cells in your brain that relay messages of what you’re feeling, thinking, doing) is not only stronger but more effective. This means better brain function overall and reduced likelihood of stress, depression, and anxiety.

The Takeaway

It is a wonderful idea to begin boosting your hydration and drinking more water before the heat of summer even arrives. A great way to do so is by adding fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs to water to entice you to keep reaching for that glass.

Looking for a quick and easy way to make your own fruit infused water, anywhere and anytime? We have a whole new line of Fruit Infusion products! Hydration just got easier than ever. Try our delicious combinations, including Lemon Mint, Lemon Strawberry, Lemon Cucumber, and Lemon Raspberry