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March 16, 2020

How to Bounce Back from Overindulging: Refresh & Recharge Your Body this Spring

With springtime celebrations on the horizon, there are a number of ways we can go overboard now that the weather is warming up. Whether getting festive and drinking on St Patrick’s Day, or enjoying your first cookout of the season, it is natural that we might have an easier tendency to overindulge this time of year. 

There’s no reason to throw your entire health plan out the window because of one evening of overindulging. If you feel like you ate too much, or maybe kicked back a few too many beers, there are some great ways to reset and re-energize your body to keep your healthy habits going well through spring and into summer!

How to Bounce Back from Overeating: Tips for Getting Back on Track

Refresh and Energize Your Body with Water + True Lemon

First thing in the morning, before you even start the new day, drink a large glass of chilled filtered water with a packet of True Lemon. Hydrating first thing in the morning wakes up every cell in your body. If you’ve overindulged the night before, the lemon will really help to perk up your digestive system. 

Take it Easy on Digestion

If you’ve been enjoying heavy foods or overeating, chances are your digestive system is working hard to break down and process everything. Put gentle foods in your body, like plenty fruits and vegetables that are easy to digest, and take a break from carbohydrates, meat, and dairy products for a little while. Even just substituting one meal for a green smoothie every day this week will lighten the load and make you feel re-energized. 

Re-prioritize Sleep 

Getting plenty of rest ensures that your immune system is in peak condition to fight off illnesses, and a good night’s sleep also supports a healthy weight balance. If you’ve been pushing things a little too hard lately, refocusing your energy on getting 8-9 hours of sleep each night will do wonders for energizing your body and your mind. 

Move, Sweat, Stretch

There is no better way to get out all of the toxins from overindulging with a little sweat! Get outside and go for a run, and breathe in the fresh air. Even better, go to a yoga class and enjoy some good twists and stretches. Moving, bending, and stretching will do wonders to get everything moving through and out of your body - just remember to replenish the water lost through sweat by hydrating

Visit a Spa or Sauna

Many gyms now have saunas or hot tubs available, and more cities are making public baths, spas, or saunas available to the public for a daily or hourly fee. So grab a friend and get sweating! When we warm up in a sauna we move the blood towards the surface of the skin, and help the lymphatic system push out toxins. Drink plenty of herbal tea or water afterwards to rehydrate.

Don’t Punish Yourself: Revive Yourself

Many people think that if you went overboard on fat and calories the night before the best thing to do the following day is to cut way back to compensate. In reality, punishing yourself will not help in the long-term, and drastically cutting back on what you eat and drink will not solidify good habits. Instead, think of healthy things you can add into your diet to revive your entire body. Think dark leafy greens, hydrating fruits and vegetables, and plenty of water. 

Remember, this is about focusing on taking care of yourself again, not beating yourself up over the choices you made the night before. We are all human, and we all deserve to indulge every now and then! What’s past is past, and now is the time to rehydrate, refuel, and rejuvenate. 

[Credit: Sansouci, Jenny. “7 Tips To Bounce Back After Eating A Bit Too Much”. MindBodyGreen.]


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