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May 08, 2018

8 Creative Activity Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner! Rather than sending your mom a store-bought card or another bouquet of flowers this year, why not come up with a fun way to spend time with her that makes her feel truly special?

Sure, it can be difficult to come up with creative ideas of what to do with your mom for Mothers Day. But taking some extra time out of your busy schedule to spend with mom will go so much farther than any other type of gift.

8 Creative Activities To Do With Mom On Mothers Day

1) Take her to a DIY bar.
There is a new trend of Do-It-Yourself establishments popping up everywhere. They provide supplies (and cocktails) while you create your own fun and functional pieces at a set price. No DIY bar in your area? Create your own at home! Stock up on supplies at your local craft store, look up some projects on Pinterest (search DIY crafts), and remember to pick up orange juice and champagne.

2) Go to a hair or nail salon for a pampering day.
Schedule a blowout at a salon (a blow-dry and style) for both you and mom, and be sure to have lunch or dinner afterwards to show off your new do's. Another option is to head in to a nail salon and get a mani / pedi together while catching up over your favorite magazines.

3) Attend afternoon tea, or a tea or coffee house for samplings.
Enjoying a delicious cup of perfectly brewed tea is a wonderful way to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. Some restaurants and historical houses or hotels offer afternoon tea, served with special menu items and sweets. Mom prefers coffee? Check out local coffee roasters in your area to see if they do cuppings or coffee samplings of their products.

4) Have a day at the gym together!
Is your mom already naturally active? Take her to the gym with you for a fun class (like Zumba), a swim in the pool, and then relaxing in the sauna or hot tub. When leaving, surprise her by going out for ice cream. You earned it!

5) Take her on a walking tour of your town.
Many places have walking tours available to promote tourism in the area. Why not be a tourist in your own town? There are probably a lot of historical landmarks you and your mom pass by every day that go unnoticed. This will also get you pretty close to your reaching your 10,000 steps for the day. 

6) Take a trip to a local winery, or keep it local at a brewery.
There are probably some wineries not far from where you live that you didn't even know about. Search for different wineries that do tastings in your area, and take mom out for the day. If there aren't any wineries close by, take mom to a nearby brewery and order a flight to share and sample their beers together.

7) Volunteer for a good cause.
Sometimes the best gift is giving back. Search for volunteer opportunities in your area, and take mom on a mission to help your community!

8) Sign yourself and your mom up for a cooking class.
Find something she's always wanted to learn how to make, and sign up for a class at a cooking school or culinary supply store. Cooking classes a bit too pricey? Check out the classes available at your local library. Libraries will often offer special events and classes for free or at a low-cost to entice the local community to get involved.

The best thing you can give your mom to say thanks is spending time with her. Mothers Day isn't about spending a lot of money on gifts, but making time to be with the people you love the most.

Happy Mothers Day!