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September 27, 2018

Our Favorite Health and Wellness Podcasts

A little extra motivation is always helpful. One wonderful way to get inspired and learn something new is to start listening to podcasts!

Why are podcasts so great?

Think of podcasts as 21st-century radio shows. Some tell fictional stories through a series of episodes, and others provide well-researched information on just about any topic you could imagine. If you're interested in a specific time in history, a particular type of movie, general facts, or science fiction, there is definitely a podcast out there for you. Simply download a podcast-listening app to your smartphone (such as RadioPublic, PlayerFM, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, or Spotify), and subscribe to any podcasts that strike your fancy.

Here is a list of some of our favorites related to health and wellness.

The Best Health and Wellness Podcasts

FoodStuff (HowStuffWorks)
Smart and witty hosts Anney Reese and Lauren Vogelbaum teach us the unique history about the stuff we eat and drink. They tell interesting stories about how food and beverages have shaped our daily lives and defined cultural identity. There is history and science behind everything, including all the things that nourish our bodies. A sample of podcast titles:

  • The Almighty Cod (the history of cod fish)
  • Dispensing the Facts on Vending Machines
  • The Spread of Peanut Butter

Nutrition Diva (
Host Monica Reinagel, MS, LD/N, CNS is the expert you need to sort out all the information about eating healthy. She provides an educated understanding of what is fact and what is fiction, and provides simple tips to help you step up your healthy eating habits. A sample of podcast titles:

  • Mindful Eating: How We Get it Wrong
  • Does Sugar Really Suppress the Immune Response?
  • What is Water Weight?

Hiitcast (Dr. Trevor Brennion)
Dr. Trevor Brennion is on a mission: to debunk bro-science, and dig into the real science behind exercise. An exercise scientist himself, Dr. Brennion interviews researchers and specialists as well as a wide array of health and fitness professionals to provide solid information that anyone can understand and apply to improving their fitness, and their life. A sample of podcast titles:

  • Getting Kids to Exercise!
  • Optimal rates of exercise for sustained, long-term weight loss
  • Finding balance with carbs

The Science of Happiness (Greater Good Magazine)
Award-winning professor Dacher Keltner hosts this wonderfully curated podcast that provides research-tested strategies for a happier, healthier, and more meaningful life. This podcast explores the science behind compassion, gratitude, mindfulness and awe to help you understand how to make the most of your life and your own happiness. A sample of podcast titles:

  • Why You Shouldn't Hate Small Talk
  • What Do You Want to Do With Your Life?
  • How to Find Your Best Possible Self

Bulletproof Radio (Dave Asprey)
Dave Asprey, the entrepreneur behind Bulletproof Coffee and The Bulletproof Diet, collects the knowledge of doctors, biochemists, Olympic nutritionists, and meditation experts to create a better understanding of the human body and its capabilities. He is obsessively focused on discovering how simple changes can make you better in every aspect of your life, and provides curated episodes about how to upgrade body and mind for optimal health and happiness. A sample of podcast titles:

  • How To Have The Hormones of a 20-Year-Old: T.S. Wiley
  • Ketogenic Diet and Cancer: Neurosurgeon Dr. Kris Smith
  • Detox Your Thoughts To Supercharge Your Life - Gabrielle Bernstein

Meathead Hippie (Emily Schromm)
Emily Schromm describes her website and podcast as follows: deadlifts and squats meets lemon balm and lavender. She is a health and wellness entrepreneur, trainer, coach, and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner that has used her personal journey of self-discovery to build a career in helping others. Emily's advice provides a great foundation and ongoing support for anyone who wants to better understand food and diet, fitness, and overall wellness in order to feel their absolute best. A sample of podcast titles:

  • BE STRONG with Wade Killgore: Does Yoga Make You Stronger?
  • BE NERDY with Dr Missy Albrecht: Sitting Versus Standing, Gluten Build Up, Essential Oils
  • BE MORE with Victoria Erickson: On Sensitivity, Creativity, Getting Un-Stuck, and Trust

Podcasts are wonderful ways to get inspired, simply by listening. Whether commuting to or from work, when cooking a healthy meal for dinner, or when out for a long walk, podcasts are excellent for tapping into a little extra motivation throughout your week.