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April 07, 2017

How to Feel Good About Yourself, Even If You've Gained Weight

No matter how hard we try to keep our eating habits healthy and exercise consistent, sometimes its inevitable that well gain some weight. Whether it's because of a long vacation, an unexpected illness, getting comfortable in a relationship, or the holidays - there are times that it's simply unavoidable!

We have plenty of advice about how to get back on track, but the fact is you'll still be carrying that extra weight around for a little while. Having a mindset of negativity about your slightly rounder figure doesn't make things any better, and we should embrace the ever-changing wonders of our bodies.

It may not be ideal to have to carry those extra pounds at the moment, but this is a great time to understand how to love your body no matter what your size.

How to Feel Good About Yourself, Even if You've Gained Weight

You notice the weight gain more than anyone else does.

Just as any great performer will tell you, the audience never notices when you mess up. It's the same with body image and we can be our own worst critics. Often people don't realize flaws until they are put in the spotlight, when we actually point them out. We nitpick and get frustrated when our clothes don't fit, but in reality, we still look pretty darn good to everyone else.

Action steps:

  • Don't point out your weight gain. It doesn't help anyone!
  • Get a new hairstyle, or buy a fun outfit for your new size that makes you feel fantastic.

Try not to think about it.

When we dwell on insignificant things, we get anxious. When we feel anxious were more likely to stress out and over eat. It's a vicious cycle! The truth is, the less we worry about the weight we have gained, the more quickly we'll get back into a regular routine and lose it.

Action steps:

Gaining weight doesn't make you any less attractive!

However, a lack of confidence does. By going out and being active, moving your body, enjoying yourself, and pushing away the negative associations, it shows the world that your weight is a non-issue. The attitude you exude comes full circle, so don't let it be negative. A positive energy radiates when you smile and embrace life, and that is universally beautiful.

Action steps:

  • Any time you make a negative comment about your figure, counter it with a positive one.
  • Write down this reminder: "You are still just as fun, beautiful, and smart as you have always been! YOU ROCK!" and post it on your bathroom mirror.

Embrace your new figure.

It may be discouraging to try and find something that fits in your closet, but it can be a blessing in disguise! Pull out items you haven't worn in a while, and experiment with different combinations. Don't go straight for baggier clothing, but try accentuating the areas that make you feel good.

Action steps:

  • Try on some outfit combinations from your closet, even things that you aren't sure will fit. See what you can do with them!
  • Put items that don't fit at the moment out of sight, so that you don't have to think about them until the weight is off again.

The most important thing to remember is that you have the amazing ability to bounce back (as you always do)! Your body may have a different shape for now, but you're still the amazingly unique person you've always been.


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