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Top 15 Fruit Infused Water Recipes that will Curb Your Soda Cravings

Top 15 Fruit Infused Water Recipes to Curb Your Soda Craving

Are you a soda-lover trying to kick that sugary habit? With the amount of added sugar that soda contains, it provides no nutritional caloric value. Therefore you’re definitely on the right track with cutting it out of your diet to get healthier and lose weight.

Think weight loss will happen if you simply switch to diet soda? Studies have found that sipping on these so-called “diet” drinks also causes weight gain, so diet soda is not a good swap for full-calorie versions.

If you’re not quite ready to switch to plain water, there are plenty of other wonderful alternatives to try when kicking your soda habit to the curb. Fruit infused waters are a great place to start, as they are refreshing, flavorful, natural, and hydrating.

Top 15 Fruit Infused Water Recipes to Curb Soda Cravings

  1. Cucumber-Mint “Mojito” Water
    Ingredients: Cucumber, Mint (crushed)
    The classic flavors of a summertime cocktail, minus the alcohol. This is excellent when infused in soda water. As an added option, add a splash of coconut water.  

  2. Root Apple
    Ingredients: Apple, carrot or sweet potato (sliced), True Lemon
    Earthy and robust detoxification from root vegetables, mingled with the balance of gentle sweetness.

  3. Stone Fruit Detox
    Ingredients: Peach, Apricot, Raspberry, Mint
    Sweet and bright, these flavors are a delight! For a delicious change from water, add these ingredients to brewed black iced tea.

  4. Summer Strawberry Refresher
    Ingredients: Strawberry, True Lemon, Fresh Basil
    A delightful summer treat to replace sugary lemonade. Love the taste of basil? Crush the leaves gently before infusing.

  5. Immune Booster
    Ingredients: Orange, Lime, True Lemon
    Fresh vitamin C from citrus fruits gives your H2O a surge of nutrition to support a healthy immune system.

  6. Melon Melody
    Ingredients: Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Strawberries
    Melons are mostly water, so this drink is perfect for these summer fruits. Munch on the leftover fruit when the water is gone to hydrate even more. For an added zing of flavor, include some sprigs of fresh mint.

  7. Salty Dog Electrolyte Drink
    Ingredients: True Grapefruit, Fresh Rosemary, Himalayan Sea Salt (just a pinch)
    Another cocktail turned healthy! The pinch of sea salt will help your body retain more hydration from this yummy drink.

  8. Spa Water
    Ingredients: Cucumber, True Lemon, Celery, Fresh Mint (optional)
    Refreshing and calming, you’ll feel like you’re relaxing at the spa when drinking this veggie-infused water.

  9. Spice of Life
    Ingredients: Apple, Pear, Cinnamon Sticks, Whole Cloves
    Love the spice of chai tea or cider? This sweet and spicy drink will satiate your craving without any added sugar.

  10. Tropical Delight
    Ingredients: Kiwi, Pineapple, Mango, True Orange
    If you need a vacation, this drink will feel like an escape. And sipping this instead of soda will support weight loss so that you’re ready for swimsuit season!

  11. Ginger Detox Drink
    Ingredients: True Lemon, Fresh Ginger, Turmeric Root, Pineapple
    Peel and slice the ginger and turmeric root, then combine with sweet pineapple for maximum detoxification. Turmeric is wonderful for calming inflammation in the body.

  12. Berry Antioxidant Blast
    Ingredients: Blueberries, Strawberries, Cherries, True Orange
    Blue and red fruits are rich in antioxidants, and also rich in their naturally sweet flavor.

  13. Rest, Relax, Restore
    Ingredients: Cucumber, Fresh Thyme, Fresh Rosemary, True Lime
    This herbal concoction will restore and rejuvenate your body from the inside out.

  14. Pomegranate Coconut Cooler
    Ingredients: Pomegranate seeds, Fresh Chunked Coconut (or a splash of coconut water)
    This fruit infusion is island paradise in a glass!

  15. Pink Raspberry Lemon Refresher
    Ingredients: Beet, Raspberries, True Lemon
    Beet gives this water a beautiful pink color, along with bright and juicy raspberries. Finally, the earthy sweet beets and bright tart raspberries are balanced with lemon. Yum!

Whether your goal is to lose weight, remove added sugars from your diet, reduce your exposure to chemicals, or simply drink more water, incorporating more fruit infused water to your daily routine is a great way to support a healthy lifestyle.


[Credit: Glander, Amy. “23 Infused Water Ideas That Will Make You Forget About Soda.” Taste of Home.]

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