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The Best Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

The Best Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

We’ve all been dealing with a significant amount of added stress lately. From transitioning to working from home, living life during a pandemic, or getting the kids back to school safely, there are a million thoughts running through our minds every moment of the day. It is understandable that we may feel more overwhelmed than usual, and a bit over-stressed

The best natural way for our bodies to reset is through a good night of sleep. But what if those stressful thoughts are keeping you awake at night? We have the tips you need to get a full night of calm, restorative sleep so that you can have less stressful mornings. 

Sleep Tips: The Best Ways to Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Figure out what’s keeping you awake. 

This is the best place to start, since once you know the root of the problem you can work backwards to solve your sleep troubles. Here are some common problems, along with solutions: 

  • You wake up at every tiny sound.
    Get good, comfortable ear plugs. Silicone versions work best, as they block out sound without causing inner-ear pain. Another solution is to get a sound machine that plays white noise (there are a number of white noise apps for your phone as well), or even simply leaving a fan on at night. 
  • Morning light always wakes you up too early.
    Sleep masks help with this, but be sure to get the kind that has recessed pockets to allow your eyes to move during REM sleep for added comfort. If your windows let in too much light, consider getting blackout curtains. 
  • You can’t turn off your mind. 
    Before bed try a short 5-minute calming meditation. Mind still buzzing? Keep a notepad on your bedside table so that you can quickly jot down thoughts and get them out of your head. 
  • You wake due to movement.
    If you sleep with pets or a loved one, any movement can cause you to wake up. Memory foam mattresses help reduce movement, or you can even consider sleeping in separate rooms (if possible) on weeknights. If pets wake you up get in the habit of closing them out of your room at night.

Go through all of the senses when you’re having trouble sleeping, and you will easily be able to track down what’s causing the biggest problems. 

Get into a healthy nighttime routine. 

Our brains respond very well to routines, so develop some healthy habits around bedtime. Here are some ways to prepare your mind and your body for sleep: 

  • Gradually dim / turn off lights around your home
  • Turn down the brightness setting on your phone, or find a set time when you will remember to always turn off your electronics
  • Make a rule to not eat any food after 9pm
  • Make a rule to not drink any liquids 1 hour before bed (so that you don’t have to get up to go to the bathroom)
  • Rather than drinking alcohol before bed to try and relax (which will actually disrupt sleep), switch to a calming bedtime tea with True Lemon
  • Give yourself at least 30 minutes before your actual planned bedtime to slowly change into pajamas, brush your teeth, wash your face, and mentally wind down for the day

Reevaluate your sleeping set-up. 

When was the last time you replaced your mattress? It may be time for an upgrade. If you’re constantly waking up hot, there are now plenty of new types of sheets and comforters made out of fabrics that keep you cool all night long. Often wake up with pain or stiffness in your neck or back? Look into a more ergonomic pillow to support the way that you naturally sleep! 

There have been a lot of technological advances in the world of sleep comfort, so research the latest and greatest products to see what will work best for your unique needs. 

Make getting a solid night’s sleep a priority in your life and you will reap the numerous benefits from the restorative rest. You’ll feel more energized throughout the day, have more motivation, gain a more positive outlook on life, and you may even lose weight

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