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True Citrus seasonings on a table next to a grill where hamburgers are being cooked

Grilling Essentials You Need for the Summer

Summer has arrived, and it’s time for some outdoor fun. It’s also the time of year to invite your closest pals and relations for a backyard grill party. There are countless grill recipe ideas to share that will impress your guests and have them queuing for second helpings. But before heading over for a shopping spree at your local grocer, you’ll need to check that your grill is in top condition to cook up a feast!

The Preparation

Your grill comprises various parts that require specific care and cleaning methods. A well-maintained grill maintains maximum hygiene while improving the flavor of your food. The grates are one key area to look out for, where grease, morsels, and bacteria may gradually accumulate.

Use a durable grill brush with sturdy bristles to scrub over the surface of your grates to eliminate the impurities. Always remember to strip the grates and run the brush a few times along both sides (grill owners tend to forget the bottom)! A clean grill also makes it easier for you to pick up your food with tongs, especially for meaty items with skin.

Next, you will need to look out for your burners and plates. A sponge soaked in soap/cleaning liquid should do the trick. A quick swipe of the sponge across your dials and plates will eliminate the ash build-ups commonly deposited around those spots.

Then, there’s the bottom tray, which collects all the grease and debris from your grilling sessions. A quick slide should remove the bottom tray. Routine bottom tray cleaning prevents your grill from clogging to keep your device functioning at optimal condition during your next backyard gathering.

To top it off, remember to give the external parts of your grill (e.g., cover/hood) a thorough scrub and rinse with soap and water. Once you’ve lathed the surface, run it over with some coarse rags to remove residual soapsuds/foam that may linger.

The exterior makes or breaks the first impression of your guests. A squeaky clean grill will elevate the overall grilling experience for everyone in attendance and mentally prepare them for the delicious food coming their way.

Grilling Essentials

Aside from the food and cooking utensils for the grill, you’ll need to bring some essential BBQ tools and accessories to enjoy a fun and relaxing event. Here’s a handy checklist to get you started on your preparation:

Portable fans – Depending on where you hail from, summer temperatures are no laughing matter, reaching well over 90 degrees Fahrenheit in some parts! A portable fan serves dual purposes at the grill: to make the scorching weather more bearable for guests and cool off freshly prepared meals. Choose a fan that runs on batteries or USB cables (connected to portable chargers), so you don’t have to worry about the power supply.

Firestarters – Conventional coal/charcoal may get the flame up, but there are many improved alternatives in the modern market. Specifically, keep a lookout for fire-starting products made from organic wood shavings that are food-safe, odorless, and “kind” to the environment. 

Cooler Boxes – These ice-filled containers are the oasis of a summer grill party. Fill them with tasty thirst quenchers to keep your guests well hydrated while they savor the BBQ treats and engage in lively conversation. True Lemon’s unsweetened crystallized lemon provides an instant zero-calorie citric boost to your party drinks that will satiate your guests.

You might also consider storing your chilled beverages in True Lemon "Keeps You True" Thermal Water Bottles to keep them nice and cool for up to 16 hours!

Seasoning – Most people would agree that a grilling session is incomplete without an assortment of delicious seasonings. True Citrus’ range of salt-free seasoning will instantly enhance your BBQ meals and delight the tastebuds of your guests. True Lemon Shaker pairs perfectly with seafood, meat, and vegetables — providing an appetizing lemony taste without the calories. 

Alternatively, you might sprinkle True Lime Garlic Cilantro Spice Blend (derived from wholesome sources) to add a slightly tangy flavor to your dishes that works best with salads and grilled salmon or halibut. 

Original Grill Recipes

We have come up with various original recipes with True Lemon seasoning, which have enriched many summer grilling meals. 

True Lemon Pepper Pork Chops – Delicious sizzling pork chops seasoned with True Lemon Pepper and simmered in butter, olive oil, and Worcester sauce. These meaty delights will impress your guests and have them guessing at the recipe. 

Broiled Red Snapper with a True Lime Garlic Cilantro Butter – Fresh fish fillets with juices locked in, topped with True Lime Garlic Cilantro Butter that enhances the taste of the ocean. 

Asparagus Tips with True Lemon Butter – Crunchy and healthy sides for your BBQ mains, served with a tangy twist that reimagines a timeless dish.

Grilling Is for Everyone! 

Grilling kabobs

You can still enjoy a good grill party if you don’t have a grilling set at home. Public grills work just fine with some cleaning measures, and some feature sizable workspaces for washing and food preparations. 

The golden steps include:
1. Cleaning the grates with a trusty grill brush.
2. Adding aluminum foil over the grates. (Alternatively, if you prefer the non-foiling approach, preheat the grates to kill all bacteria before laying your food.)
3. Removing all ashes and debris from the bottom of the grill with a trash bag. 
4. Not forgetting to tidy and clean your grill area for the next person!

Regardless of where you plan to hold your grilling party, we hope you have an unforgettable summer with good food and great company. And always remember to stay happily hydrated!

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