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How to Stay in the Present Moment

As Eckhart Tolle, the spiritual teacher and self-help author, said, "Nothing ever happened in the past; it happened in the now. Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the now."Sometimes, it's hard to believe how quickly life passes. Each day goes by in a blink — but how much of your daily life are you truly present?

Life is hectic. Between work and family life, it's easy to put your well-being on the back burner. However, before you know it, weeks have passed, you feel exhausted, and you can't remember the last time you felt relaxed and connected with yourself or others. 

The solution?

Commit to staying present. Living your life as it happens, here and now. 

Each day, we are physically present for every moment, but what about in mind and spirit?

If you're like most, your daily routines have created habits, and for the most part, you're on auto-pilot. When you have a spare minute, you're dwelling on the past or preparing for the future. If you can relate, you're not alone. Humans are prone to constantly toggle between what was and what may be, missing out on life, here and now.

A Harvard study found that we're not fully present nearly 50% of the time because we're too busy ruminating about the past or worrying about what's next. As Peter Kinderman, a clinical psychologist and professor, said, "Rumination tends to be eased if we learn to be mindful; if we are able to be aware of, and understand how our own thoughts work."

This is where the power of mindfulness comes in, acting as a real game-changer.

Want to Stay in the Present Moment? Here's How

Life is too beautiful not to live in the now. Once you learn to live in the present moment, you begin to celebrate the tiny joys, listen to your body, and start to feel your feelings truly.

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Commit to Mindfulness

The fact that you're interested in being more present is the first step. Starting today, you'll need to commit to remaining present. To do so, develop a system that encourages mindfulness. Start your day by reminding yourself that today will never be repeated. It's up to you to enjoy the day. If you're struggling to stay present, dedicate a block of time each day to really focus on what's presently happening.

A good place to start is your morning shower or lunchtime. Instead of having a shower while thinking about your credit card bill; or scarfing down your chicken and avocado lime soup, thinking about all the work you need to do that afternoon, focus on the moment. Being present allows you to enjoy and appreciate the warm water and how nice that feels, or the delicious flavors and wonderful textures of your lunch.

Woman being present and staying hydrated with True Lemon

Be More Aware of Your Surroundings

We live busy lives, and there's often a lot going on around us — so much so that we often miss out on the beauty that surrounds us. It's so easy to go through the day without stopping to observe the world. Do you walk to work? If so, on the way, are there any animals that may make you smile? Perhaps children are playing in the park, and noticing their laughter will bring a sense of joy. It's the little things that add value to your day. We live in a hectic but wonderful and exciting world. Do not let the chaos spoil the beauty.

A person focusing and being mindful on the shore of the ocean with their arms outstretched to the sky.

Focus on Your Breath

When wondering how to stay in the present moment, the answer lies in something you do approximately 22,000 times a day — breathing in and out. When you focus on your breath, you have no choice whether to be present. Becoming more mindful of your breath is step one. However, if you want to take this process to the next level, learn deep breathing exercises and the value of mindful breathing.

One of the most significant benefits associated with mindful breathing is your ability to reduce stress, otherwise known as the silent killer. Research shows that different emotions are linked to various forms of breathing. So, changing how you breathe can help you change the way you feel. Small steps can lead to big results as you train your nervous system for resilience and a more mindful presence.

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True Orange in a bottle of water helping Rachel stay hydrated while she works out

Welcome Yoga Into Your Life

As Linda Sparrowe, a yoga teacher and author, said, "Yoga begins right where I am — not where I was yesterday or where I long to be."

Yoga is many things, but above all, it is a tool that can sharpen your mind and transform your life. This practice is a way to remain present and connected with your body — it also helps you shift unhealthy or unfulfilling patterns. However, this will not happen overnight. This transformative process takes time, focus, energy, and a willingness to change your mindset.

There are countless resources available, so start with the basics. There is no need to jump into the most challenging poses. Yoga is much more than a form of exercise; it's a way of existing in the world. Start by letting go of expectations, practicing breathing to encourage greater present moment awareness, and grabbing a refreshing glass of our unsweetened fruit infusion drink mixes.