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March 31, 2017

Keep Your Body and Brain Happy with Water and True Citrus

We humans cant survive long without water. Thats because our bodies are made up of two-thirds water, and our brains are up to 78 percent water. True Lemon can help with the quest to keep your body and brain hydrated and happy. True Lemon, True Lime, and True Orange are not only great-tasting water enhancers, theyve also been proven to increase water consumption. Your body on water.
  • Water is the main ingredient in your bodys fluids. Cells and even bones contain water.
  • Most of your blood is water and water is in lymph. Blood and lymph are how the body carries food and oxygen to cells, and how waste is removed.
  • Water carries digestive enzymes around your digestive system.
  • Water keeps your internal temperature steady. Water (perspiration) helps cool your body.
  • Water is in the fluids that keep your joints moving smoothly.
  • The mucus that keeps your eyes, ears, nose and throat moist is mostly water.
In short, your body uses a lot of water and needs to take in lots of it. Adult bodies use up around 8.45 cups a day. Your brain on water. Like the body, the brain is mostly water and needs plenty of hydration to function at its best. Scientists in the United Kingdom who checked brain scans of riders after an hour and a half of cycling found that brain tissue had shrunk away from the subjects skulls. And research shows that dehydration not only affects the size of the brain but also how it works. Brain cells need a balance between water and various elements to operate, and being dehydrated disrupts the balance and makes brain cells less efficient. Without enough water, gray matter has to work harder to process information, and we have more difficulty with short-term and long-term memory and keeping our attention focused. Function your best with plenty of water and 0-calorie True Citrus. Its easy to get back up to speed if youve been dehydrated. Try to drink at least six cups of water a day (since some of the foods youll eat will contain water), and more if its hot or youve been exercising. Many people have found adding 0-calorie True Lemon, True Orange, or True Lime to your water bottle or glass can make drinking adequate amounts of water a pleasure rather than a chore. Our Products