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July 18, 2017

Love Your Belly, and Yourself!

We are always working towards some form of self-improvement. Whether losing weight, eating healthier, lowering stress, finding true happiness, or exercising more - it seems that were in a constant state of trying to make our lives a little better.

Of all the life lessons we've learned over the years, one of the most important discoveries was to understand self-love. Not loving yourself after you lose ten pounds, after you have reached this goal or that, or loving yourself after some other undetermined date and time. Loving yourself right here and now!

A common trouble area for many people is the tummy. We hate the muffin top over our jeans, any protrusion that we can see through our shirts, and just forget about swimsuit season! However, learning to accept and embrace this part of ourselves can be a big step towards loving our bodies completely, inside and out. What's so great about having a little extra around the middle? 

Why You Should Learn to Love Your Belly (and Yourself)

Because everyone (and everybody) is different!

Our tummies, and figures, are a beautiful combination of our own individual genetics. We are unique in so many wonderful ways, and although some may be predisposed to a flat or thin frame, others are softer and rounder. Everyone admires what they don't have, so embrace what you DO have!

Someone else will love it.

There are people that adore men with a little extra around the middle, as it gives them a masculine bulk that is so appealing. There are folks that prefer women with a soft midsection, as it is voluptuous and very feminine. Whatever way it goes, someone will love that part about you!

It is your core, strength, and balance.

Our bodies use the belly as a signal for so many aspects in life. It sends us messages about hunger, excitement, nervousness and other instincts. It also is where many of us find balance and solidarity. No matter how big or how small, that tummy is pretty amazing.

Because confidence is sexy!

We've all seen someone that can enter a room and turn heads. We guarantee that person still has parts they don't love about themselves. The difference is that they've learned to embrace it all, and show true confidence. You don't have to wear a crop-top, but don't hide under a billowy tee either. Wear what you feel good in, and resist the urge to hide that belly. It'll make you feel more comfortable and confident in everything you wear

Yes, we always encourage making healthy choices, and working towards reducing your salt and sugar intake will help reduce bloating and belly fat. Losing inches on your waistline leads to many other health improvements, but just remember to love yourself first. That kind of positive thinking will support any health goals you're trying to reach!


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