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March 23, 2015

The Many Miraculous Uses for Coconut Oil.

There seems to be an endless list of ways in which the miraculous coconut oil can improve your life. From your cooking habits to your beauty routines to your overall health and healing practices, the benefits of coconut oil are so diverse and so useful that youll make sure to stay stocked on the stuff for the rest of time. Here are just a few reasons why we use coconut oil (C.O.): Use it on your BODY Its great for your face: Mix a dollop of coconut oil with warm water and gently massage it into your face - not only will this remove the days residual make-up, but the MCT in the oil will deeply condition your skin. And your eyes: Take care to massage under your eyes, as C.O. also functions as a wonderful stand in for expensive eye-cream, with natural anti-aging and protective properties. And your lips: Dab a bit of C.O. on your lips throughout the day and youll never know what chapped feels like again. It works wonders for your hair: Coconut oil is amazingly nutritious for your hair, conditioning from the inside out. Coat wet hair with warm (liquid) C.O. post shampooing - leave it on as a mask for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly for hydrated and delicious smelling hair. C.O. can also function as frizz control, shine-booster, dandruff regulator, and protein supplier; simply work a tiny bit into the ends when hair is dry. And your skin: Coconut oil is a miraculous moisturizer for any part of the body. As an oil, mix it with salt or sugar and use it as a full body scrub, or even employ it in place of shaving cream for a slick and smooth shave. It will help relieve stress levels: The natural aroma of coconut oil is incredibly soothing, as is the feel of the oil on the skin. Massage the oil onto any part of the body to relieve fatigue and reduce stress. Put it in your FOOD Its easy to digest: The molecules in C.O. are tiny enough that the oil goes down easily with zero strain on the body, making C.O. an ideal cooking ingredient for anyone, especially those suffering from diseases like diabetes, obesity, or Crohns disease. It can help you shed pounds: Consumption of coconut oil can aid in weight loss because the oils fatty acids help obliterate excess yeast in your body (candida), which is said to make you extra lethargic and drawn towards foods like carbohydrates. Coconut oil is great to cook with at high temperatures, so swap it in for butter or other cooking oils whenever you can! It will strengthen your immune system: Regular consumption of C.O. iswonderful for the functioning of your immune system because of the oils content of saturated fats, which contain antibacterial, anti-parasitic and anti-viral properties. Put a spoonful of C.O. in your smoothie, or a dollop in your coffee (instead of sugar) for a delicious boost of energy and immunity! There are so many other incredible ways to work coconut oil into you life. Tell us how YOU use the miraculous oil to benefit your health, assist your cooking, amp up your beauty routine, or improve your lifestyle in general!