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May 05, 2020

Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day and Social Distance

How do I celebrate holidays while social distancing? 

With social distancing a relatively new concept to Americans, we’ve had to make a lot of adjustments. We have canceled birthdays, delayed celebrations, and avoided gatherings all together for the sake of our health and the health of others. Although at times it has been difficult to adjust, we have figured out some great ways to cope with the change!

Keeping space between ourselves and our loved ones gets harder the longer we have to continue social distancing. However, there is no reason why we should not celebrate with our loved ones while staying safe! Spending holidays together, such as Mother’s Day coming up on May 10th, just takes a little bit of creativity. 

How to Create a Special Mother’s Day: Fun, Healthy Activity Ideas to Celebrate Mom

Have a video cocktail party!
Prepare some cocktail recipes ahead of time and email them to family members to prepare at home day-of. Schedule a video call with mom, and encourage everyone to do their hair and get dressed up in their fanciest clothes. Some amazing cocktail recipes to try: 

Remember to lift your glasses and toast to mom! 

Do an outdoor activity together.
If the weather is nice, arrange to meet and take a walk around the neighborhood with mom (at a safe distance, masks recommended). Even a short bike ride with these same precautions is a wonderful change of pace, and you will both get some fresh air and exercise. 

Create an at-home spa day!
Order some self-care goodies online and have them shipped directly to mom so that she can have her own “spa day” at home. Want to take some of the burden off the postal service or Amazon? Purchase items at the store while you’re out, sanitize the items with disinfectant wipes, and drop them off at mom’s house. Don’t live nearby? Enlist a friend to help! Gifts to order or pick-up for mom’s spa day: 

  • Face masks
  • Bath bombs
  • Nail polish
  • Chocolates
  • Champagne
  • Refreshing True Citrus drink mixes
  • Fresh strawberries or blueberries

True Citrus products are a wonderful treat that will help mom stay hydrated, healthy, and happy. Here is where you can find our drink mixes in stores, nationwide. 

Arrange an outdoor picnic (with safety precautions). 
Have mom meet you in a park and bring a chair or a blanket to sit on, some sanitizing wipes, and her own eating utensil. Cook up a delicious and healthy meal at home, put it in a container, and bring it to the park. When you meet, set the food on the grass and step away to let mom pick up the container. Have her sanitize the outside of the container first, then she can sit and enjoy her special homemade meal! It takes a little extra planning and precaution, but it is possible to sit outside and enjoy each other’s company while still making smart choices. 

Host a virtual trivia night or game night. 
Come up with a list of trivia questions that are all about mom and quiz friends and family. Make it even more fun by asking mom to read her answer first! Does mom love to play board games? Play a “board” game virtually with the whole family. Here are some board games you can play with friends virtually.

Set up a drive-by mom parade!
Coordinate family members to drive by mom’s house in a “parade” for mom! Have everyone decorate their car with window paint or posters expressing your love and joy. Set up a designated meeting place for everyone to park and caravan in separate cars together. Let her know what time to come outside, then start waving and honking to mom! Be sure to do a couple of laps for good measure. 

Share the love. 
Have everyone in the family write down three reasons why they love mom, and have everyone share them one-by-one during your virtual call. The nice thing is that you can add this on to any other of these activity ideas for Mother’s Day! 

There are plenty of ways to make a loved one feel special even while practicing social distancing. It may take a little bit of time and planning but these are some wonderful ways to keep your community strong, and make the people you care about feel loved, even while staying safe. 


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