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February 09, 2017

You Completed the New Year, True You Challenge! Now What?

CONGRATULATIONS on completing the New Year, True You Challenge! A month of hard work, and youve built a solid foundation for a healthy future. Hopefully your habits have started to stick, and your routine has begun to take on new and exciting changes. So what now? Well, we arent just going to leave you hanging! Weve got plenty of resources and materials that will be available for you to continue using. Whether you need to jump-start your habits again, or just get some good reminders, weve got everything you need. Here are some resources to get you through the rest of 2017, and onward: Outline new goals. Download our goal tracker, and reassess what being healthy means to you. Did your goals change? Are you looking to add another goal to your accomplishments? Get your hydration on! Remember the importance of hydration, and download our tracker sheet when you need a boost. Youll be more hydrated than ever, and your body will thank you in return! Plan for dining out. This guide will prepare you for any meal outside of your own kitchen. You can still eat healthfully while dining out! Boost your fitness! If your goal was to drink more water or eat healthier meals, now shift that focus to include more exercise. We have the perfect schedule of workouts to get you started. Stock up on supplies. Load up on True Citrus, and all these other handy healthy helpers! Ramp up your recipes. Make healthy meals a part of everyday life. It doesnt take much effort, just a little planning ahead. Set yourself up for success! These tips will get you there. Trust us. Have a friend that has seen your success, and wants to do a challenge of their own? Have them sign up for our True You Challenge! Its a reboot of the New Year Challenge that can be used at any time. Best of luck!