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A towel, beach hat, sunglasses, and two boxes of True Lemon Energy.

The Only Non-GMO Energy Drinks You'll Need This Spring

Do you often find yourself reaching for something to combat that afternoon crash?

Around 2 or 3 pm, after lunch has settled, many people start feeling their energy levels draining. What do you go for?

A salty or sweet snack? A caffeine boost from coffee or tea? Or maybe an energy drink.

Coffee and tea can be an acquired taste and may not be for everyone. That’s part of the reason energy drinks are a popular choice these days.

Some people use them for a little power boost when they’re feeling…well, blah. You may grab one up when you need a little pick-me-up to push through the end of the work day (or shuttling kids to practice and games).

Other people use them as an energy source to increase concentration and productivity. Energy drinks also help some people perform better in the gym and use them to push through a workout.

So whether cramming for a final exam, improving your athletic performance, or chasing toddles around the house, energy drinks can be helpful for giving you the extra “oomph” you need.