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April 11, 2017

Our Favorite Healthy Snack Ideas

We've all been there - you're part-way through your day, doing a million things at once, then all of a sudden you're absolutely starving. You grab for whatever is closest to satiate that hunger, but unfortunately that usually means a sugary drink like soda, or a salt-heavy (overly greasy) fast food.

Having nutrient-dense snacks constantly on hand ensures that you'll make good choices when your tummy begins to grumble. It also means you'll get through your day fueled with the nutrition you need to make it to dinner time! Here are some of our favorite snack ideas. 

Healthy Snack Recipe Ideas

Simple Spring Rolls

These spring rolls don't have to be a big ordeal, and they're great to make in a large batch and eat as snacks throughout the week. Shred whatever veggies you have on hand and roll into wet rice paper then store in the fridge. Some great ingredients are: shredded carrots, bean sprouts, rice noodles, chopped peanuts, leftover chicken, and thinly sliced mushrooms or peppers. Make a batch of this Thai Peanut Sauce for dipping for some added protein-rich flavor!

Adult "Ants on a Log"

You remember these from when you were a kid, right? A long slice of celery filled with peanut butter and sprinkled with little "ant" raisins? It's delicious, fun, and a great healthy snack! Make it adult-style and easier to throw in your bag by mixing up the peanut butter separately in a small container or jar. Add dried currants or cherries, some cacao nibs, flaxseed, a small scoop of coconut oil and mix to combine. Have the celery sliced in a separate baggie, ready for dipping! This recipe is also delicious with apple slices.

Endive Leaf Boats

Endive is a vegetable that's gently bitter, which is a delightful contrast to creamy spreads and dips. Mix together ricotta cheese with a sprinkling of True Lemon Pepper, and finely chopped red pepper. Dollop a spoonful into an endive leaf, and enjoy! This True Lime Garlic Cilantro Hummus is fantastic when scooped up with endive as well.

Sweet and Savory Crunchies

Spread a large slice of whole wheat Melba toast with cream cheese, then top with sliced fresh fruit, dried berries, or pepper jelly. So simple, and perfectly hits the spot!

True Lemon Babaganoush

Easy to make and munch on throughout the week, this is a wonderful snack for serving with zucchini spears, whole wheat pita bread, or cherry tomatoes. For added flavor, sprinkle with some feta cheese and kalamata olives just before serving.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

It doesn't get much simpler than this, folks. Make a large batch of hard-boiled eggs by adding them to a pot with water, and covering with a tight-fitting lid. Turn up the water until boiling, then shut off the heat and start a timer for 15-minutes. Immediately submerge the eggs into ice cold water after done cooking to make peeling easier. Pre-peel an egg to bring as a snack and season with True Lime Garlic and Cilantro and a dash of hot sauce. It'll be ready for scarfing when hunger hits!

Spicy True Lemon Chickpeas

Make a big batch of these on a Sunday night and separate into small jars to portion for a quick grab-and-go snack. They're full of protein and a wonderful healthy alternative to chips or pretzels when you're craving something savory.

Italian Sandwich Roll-Ups

Take a slice of deli ham and spread a small amount of Dijon mustard. Add a slice of salami on top, and then a pepperoncini. Roll up, and enjoy! For a lower-sodium option use a turkey slice, Dijon mustard, and a slice of Swiss cheese. Ham is also delicious with an apple slice. Yum!