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May 11, 2020

Preventative Health Tips for Women | Women's Health Week

Every woman, and every body is different. The needs of our unique bodies also change depending on our activity levels, eating habits, age, environment, stress levels, and much more. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some of the top causes of death for women in the U.S. are heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, and stroke. Your doctor can help you assess your likelihood of risk for any number of health threats, and provide you with thorough preventative steps to reducing your risks. 

This week is National Women’s Health Week, and we’re providing some preventative measures you can take now in order to stay healthy well into your future. 

Women’s Health Checklist: Preventative Health Tips for Women’s Health Week

  • Get support in quitting addictive habits.
    Smoking is especially bad for health, and although it can be a difficult habit to kick there are a number of ways your doctor can help. Quitting smoking will take you a huge step forward in improving overall health. If you drink alcohol, it is important to do so in moderation - for women, that means no more than one drink per day. Try replacing alcoholic drinks with soda water with a packet of True Lime Fruit Infusions Lime Cherry, or wind down with a cup of herbal tea at the end of the day instead. The risk of breast and liver cancers increases with the amount of alcohol that women drink, and the amount of time that alcoholic drinks are consumed regularly. Alcoholic drinks can also raise blood pressure and disrupt a natural sleep cycle. Here are more tips for cutting back on alcohol
  • Set up certain appointments depending on your age.
    There are a number of different screenings your doctor can provide to guide you in making changes for whatever stage of life you’re currently in. For example, women ages 18-39 should have regular cervical cancer Pap smears, and women over 40 should begin mammograms for breast cancer screening. Here is a full list of preventative screening for women of all ages
  • Take steps to change your diet.
    Although carrying excess weight has negative health effects, making small changes to your diet will do so much more than just feeling more confident in your skinny jeans. Yes, shedding a few pounds can help to reduce your risk of heart disease. However, eating a healthier diet and losing weight will also help to reduce stress throughout your body, increase energy, improve your sleep, reduce risk of certain cancers, and so much more. You don’t have to immediately stop eating hamburgers and only eat salads. Instead, incorporate a vegetarian meal a few times a week, find creative ways to reduce your sugar intake, choose a side of green vegetables instead of potatoes or chips, or experiment with adding more color to your plate each day. Making small changes will create long-lasting habits.
  • Lower your stress levels.
    Stress causes issues all throughout our lives and bodies. From disrupted sleep to reduced immune function, and overworked organs to excess worrying, stress is ultimately the tipping point that can cause health issues to get out of control. Managing stress is a key component in health, and there are a number of ways to lower your stress levels
    - Reducing your weight takes stress off of bones and muscles, as well as the work your heart has to do to pump blood through your body. 
    - Quitting smoking takes stress off your lungs. 
    Increasing your water intake takes stress off all of your cells, including skin cells, neurons (brain cells), and immune cells. 
    - Eating more vegetables takes stress off your digestive system, helping everything move more freely through your body and increase absorption of nutrients. 
    - Exercising more takes stress off your lymphatic system, and increases cardiovascular health. 
    Getting more rest takes stress off your mind as well as the digestive system, and gives your body a chance to make repairs. 

This week, consider arranging any doctor’s appointments that need to be made, and make plans to adjust habits to support a healthier lifestyle by following these tips. Taking care of yourself and your body now will ensure that you have a happy and healthy future. 

Happy Women’s Health Week! 

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