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August 21, 2019

How to Save on Groceries

Grocery stores are a wonderful convenience of modern life. No longer do we worry about growing our own food or raising our own livestock as our ancestors did. We simply drive to the store and pick up all of the food we could ever need! 

The problem is that grocery stores are still businesses, which means they want to make as much money as possible. A lot of the way that grocery stores are set up and arranged are to get us to do one thing: spend more money. 

If you are working towards saving money on groceries, you’re in luck. We have some great tips for how to save money on food each week when you make your trip to the grocery store. 

How to Save Money on Groceries

  • Be aware of grocery store layouts: they are meant to be a maze!
    There is a reason why all of the staples you purchase regularly (produce, meat, eggs, bread, dairy) are spread wide in the farthest corners of the store. Groceries want you wandering through the aisles, seeing sale stickers, and getting tempted by items not on your list. Put your blinders on and don’t take any shortcuts through the middle aisles. 
  • Set a time limit.
    Instead of taking all the time in the world to wander the maze of aisles (and pick up more items), set a time limit for your grocery shopping trip. This way you won’t be as influenced by sale stickers or promotional displays, but efficiently zoom through the store only getting the items you actually need. 
  • Watch for sneaky “sales”.
    Sometimes stores will list a product as “on sale for $2.99!” when in reality, that’s how much the product normally costs. They claim it’s a great price - or sale - to tempt you into getting that deal. Check the online price first or another store’s website. Even better, consider what you are about to purchase. Is it even worth spending the $2.99 for? 
  • Reach up and reach down.
    The most expensive grocery store products tend to be at about 5 foot 4 inches off the ground. Notice something interesting about that height? It just so happens to be at eye level of the average American woman. Be ready to reach up or down for lower-priced items. 
  • Pick up True Citrus instead of soda or bottled beverages.
    Have kids that love juice or soda? Cans of soda or bottles of juice not only tack on a lot of money to your grocery bill, but they also create a lot of waste from packaging. Save your money (and your calories) for bigger and better things. True Citrus is free of preservatives, chemicals, and artificial flavors and sweeteners, and comes in small, convenient packaging. Just add water!
  • Be aware of impulse-buy stands.
    Low-priced items are conveniently placed all around as you bide time waiting to pay for your groceries. Imagine that all of these items will set off an alarm the moment you pick them up. Those little purchases really add up, and the grocery stores know it. 

When it comes down to it, saving money at the grocery store is easier than you might think. Have a good plan ahead of time, be aware of each choice you make, and be prepared to put things back on the shelf. 

Grocery shopping on a budget gets easier with practice, so begin by following these tips to start saving!


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