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February 24, 2018

5 Signs You Might Be Dehydrated

You may think that feeling thirsty is the only reason to reach for a big glass of water. However that parched sensation is not the only signal your body is sending to encourage you to hydrate. As we've mentioned in the past there are plenty of reasons to increase your water intake every day. But what are some other ways your body is trying to tell to pick up that water bottle more often?

5 Ways Your Body is Telling You to Drink More Water

Drink more water if...'re feeling unfocused.

Do you have those days when you can't seem to remember the simplest things, or when your brain just feels a bit foggy? According to a study conducted by The Journal of Nutrition, even mild dehydration is to blame. In a study of 25 women, researchers found those that consumed less water had more difficulty concentrating on work tasks, and scored lower on tests that measured mood and reasoning.

...your mouth feels not-so-fresh.

When your mouth is dry your saliva isn't doing part of its job - keeping bacteria and smelly odors flushed out. To avoid a build-up of that sticky, stinky stuff, sip on water all throughout the day. Hydration (and regular brushing and flossing) will keep your mouth fresh and clean.

...your head is pounding.

Blood flows more easily throughout your body when you're well hydrated. It takes a lot of blood to run your brain, and when the flow is decreased your body will automatically widen the vessels in your noggin to try and solve the problem. This results in a pounding headache and even migraines.

...your skin looks dull.

Our cells are mostly made of water, and skin is the largest organ of the body. This means that our skin is directly affected when we aren't drinking enough water. Skin may look pallid, dull, dry, and even oily as it begins overproducing oil to compensate for lack of moisture. When you are well hydrated, your skin has a natural glow. cant seem to satisfy your hunger.

If you're having difficulty managing your weight or if you're constantly snacking, you may want to pick up a big glass of H2O instead. Having a stomach full of water will not only trick your body into feeling full, but also allow time to consider if you're still really hungry before taking another bite. It is also difficult for your brain to differentiate hunger from thirst, so try drinking a big glass of water before you sit down for each meal.

All of the natural functions that occur within our bodies require plenty of water to run effectively. Looking for more information on how to drink more water each day? Check this out!


[Credit: Hayes, Rose. 6 Surprising Signs You Need to Drink More Water. Share Care.]