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June 13, 2019

Love Sparkling Water? Kick it Up a Notch with Fruit Infusions

Sparkling water* has been making a huge comeback lately. With added awareness of the negative health effects of sugar, people are seeking a better alternative to soda that will still feed their desire to drink something other than water.

LaCroix has made a huge comeback with their wide array of flavors, and even Pepsi and Coca-Cola are trying to gain back the customers they lost in the sugar-free era with their own versions of lightly flavored sparkling water (called Bubly and Dasani Sparkling, respectively).

Love the bubbles of sparkling water, but want to kick it up a notch? Add a packet of our new 0-calorie Fruit Infusions! Our Fruit Infusions add a delightful touch of flavor, that will keep you excited to sip throughout the day (keeping you more hydrated as well). These delicious combinations are a fun addition to your beverage routine, whether trying to cut back on sugary soda or juice, reduce your alcohol intake, or simply enjoy a change of pace.

Sparkling Water + True Citrus Fruit Infusions: Our Favorite Combos

Sparkling Water + Splash of Coconut Water + True Lemon Strawberry Fruit Infusion

Ever wanted to know what a summer’s day tasted like? Here you have it!

Sparkling Water + Fresh Blueberries + True Lemon Raspberry Fruit Infusion
These fruits nicely complement each other with a gentle sweet/tart balance.

Sparkling Water + Pineapple Slices + True Lemon Strawberry Fruit Infusion
If the coconut water combo above is a summer’s day, this one is a summer vacation.

Sparkling Water + Splash of Cranberry Juice + True Lemon Cucumber Fruit Infusion
Cucumber balances these tart berries with a lovely mellow finish.

Pamplemousse LaCroix + True Lemon Raspberry Fruit Infusion
If you love this LaCroix flavor, you'll be delighted about how much better it tastes with our Fruit Infusions!

Sparkling Water + Fresh Strawberries + True Lemon Cucumber Fruit Infusion
A relaxing spa day in a glass. Kick back and chill!

Sparkling Water + True Lemon Mint Fruit Infusion
Clean, refreshing, bright, and utterly delightful. It doesn’t get much better than this.

We love the refreshing combination of simple, pure sparkling (or regular) water with Fruit Infusions to allow all of the natural fresh-squeezed taste to come through. At True Citrus, we only add simple and clean ingredients to our products, making them free from chemicals, sodium, gluten, and artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

Since we crystallize actual fruit juices and oils, we lock in their essence at peak flavor. This plus our natural flavor additions help deliver a balanced experience in both quality and taste.

Check out our full selection of flavor enhancers for your water!

Whatever your reason for switching to sparkling water, our new Fruit Infusions will help keep you continually excited to drink more water all day long.

*An important note about sparkling water: as we often note with our recommendations, everything should be balanced with a healthy diet, plenty of water, exercise, and good sleep. Any indulgence, even sparkling water, has the potential to have detrimental effects on health if consumed in high quantities over a long period of time (especially in relation to digestion and nutrient absorption). Sparkling water is, of course, a better option to choose over sugary soda or alcohol. Just remember it’s important to strike a balance, and not use sparkling water as a constant substitute for regular water.