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August 08, 2019

Bad Luck? Stop a Bad Moments from Hijacking A Happy Day

Everyone has had “one of those days”. The day starts off fine, but then you spill coffee on your shirt, you get a flat tire on your way to work, you step in gum, your boss gets on your case about something, the server messes up your lunch order… everything that could possibly go wrong seems to do so. 

Ever notice that when your day starts going wrong, things seem to spiral beyond your control? You went from having a good, normal day to a terrible stint of bad luck! 

Why do I have bad luck? 

Well, you probably don’t actually have bad luck. You’re probably just noticing all of the annoying inconveniences of regular life, happening one right after another. 

Bad luck isn’t something that is inherent in some people over others. The truth is, that some people just feel the negative emotions associated with a rough day more heavily, and need a new perspective on the circumstances of their so-called “luck”

How do I reverse bad luck? 

The trick to changing your luck is to adjust your mindset. You can overcome the feelings that bring you down when things just aren’t going your way. It’s all about shifting your mindset into more positive associations, and we’ll show you how. 

How to Change Your Luck | Turning Bad Luck into a Better Day

  • Find the silver lining.
    When something bad happens, we tend to focus on the inconvenience itself rather than looking at the big picture. For example, you got a flat tire on your way to work making you late. Getting frustrated and angry isn’t going to get you anywhere any faster. Instead of dwelling on the inconvenience, try and find the silver lining. Such as: at least now you get to miss the boring morning meeting, good thing you didn’t pop the tire on the highway (you’re much safer!), it's a beautiful day and now you’ll miss traffic, or now you may as well stop and pick up some breakfast on your way. Shift your focus to how the outcome is actually positive rather than stewing about the negative. 
  • Stop looking for the negative.
    We naturally become more alert when something goes wrong in order to be more prepared for the next issue. Try to be aware when you start looking for the “bad” and remind yourself of the “good”. For example: think about a happy moment with a loved one, how grateful you are to have fresh food to eat, how much you love your home, etc. Bring your mind to other things that make you happy now, rather than seeking out potential negativity in your future. 
  • Replace the bad luck with good luck.
    Instead of thinking about how bad it is that you got a flat tire, think about how great it is that the universe finally got you to replace that tire before it became a dangerous issue. Instead of thinking how upset you are that you ruined your shirt with coffee, think about how now you have the opportunity to wear a shirt you haven’t worn in a while (and hey, it’s just a shirt). Instead of getting frustrated with the server for messing up your order, think about how you would have never ordered something like that and maybe it’s time to try something new! 
  • Put it into perspective.
    Will these couple of bouts of bad luck really matter tomorrow, or the next day? What about next week? Chances are, you’ll forget all about these things that in the moment you think are so devastatingly important. 
  • Make a joke.
    They say laughter is the best medicine, and when it comes to bad luck having a humorous perspective can really turn a day around. Share a laugh with someone nearby when something goes wrong by cracking a joke. Everyone has been there, and after a moment of shared understanding you’ll begin to feel much better. 
  • Regain control.
    Accepting that you’re simply having bad luck with work, life, love, etc., implies that you don’t have any control over the outcome. But is that really true? If you’ve been doing the same type of work for different companies but you’re still unhappy, maybe it’s the work itself that’s making you unhappy. Unlucky in love, but generally stick to online dating? Shift to another way to meet people, like finding a matchmaker or taking up a new social hobby. Don’t accept that you simply have bad luck. Luck is circumstantial, so work towards changing your circumstances. 
  • Remember, everyone has rough days.
    When you think bad luck is following you around, consider this: other people have bad days too, and their day might be matching up with yours. That server that messed up your order? He slept through his alarm this morning and had a huge argument with his girlfriend right before work. Your boss that got on your case? She just found out that the loan she applied for to get a house was denied. Consider that their reactions might be in relation to their own bad day, not yours. 

When it comes down to it, bad luck is all about how you look at your situation. If you think that bad luck is something that consistently happens to you, take a step back and think: am I looking for the bad instead of the good? Am I finding the silver lining? Is it really that big of a deal? 

Reconsider your perspective, and you can turn your bad luck around. Having a positive outlook is the best way to get rid of bad luck for good! 


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