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True children in pumpkin costumes trick or treating.  True lemon flavor packets are in their goodie bags

Sugar Doesn't Have to be Scary with True Lemon Kids

When it comes to making healthy choices, kids rarely make the best decisions. While sugar isn’t necessarily to blame for making kids hyper, too much of the sweet stuff can cause serious issues in the long-term. Sugar addiction is a real thing which can lead to obesity, tooth decay, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. 

Surprisingly, when kids think they are craving the sugary sweets, that grumble monster in their belly may actually be thirst. One way to mitigate those cravings is to make sure kids are drinking enough water to halt the hankering.

The great news is that beverages don’t have to be bad for you to taste great! Getting children to drink water and giving them alternatives to sweets also gives kids the tools to make healthier choices in the future. Curious how to curb your child’s cravings?

With kid-approved flavor and 92% less sugar* than other popular kids’ drinks like fruit juice and soda, you can be confident that mixing up low sugar drinks with True Lemon Kids will be anything but frightening.

Are your kids...

Craving sour sweets?

Mix up a glass of True Lemon Kids Lemonade for a delicious combination of lemon and strawberry or try True Lemon Kids Blue Raspberry for a more subtle zing.

With the tasty flavor kids love, and NO artificial sweeteners, water will taste so delicious your kids will stay hydrated while still enjoying every sip!

Tempted by tropical flavors?

Add a packet of True Lemon Kids Fruit Punch to 8oz of water for a juicy burst of fruit punch flavor or some True Lemon Kids Wild Watermelon for a squeeze of refreshing fruit that cheers children’s taste buds.

Kids will be thrilled to reach for the water without the need for tucking into any tropical candies.

Dreaming of dessert?

Our kids’ products are sweetened with stevia and have only 2 grams of sugar. If desserts are their dream, try a sprinkle of True Lemon Crisp Apple.

Like all of our True Lemon Kids products, it has 25% of vitamins A, C and E and makes water taste dreamily delicious. Your kids are sure to love it (and so are you).

Fervor for fruity gummies?

We use colors sourced from fruits and vegetables so you can feel fearlessly free from artificial dyes and colors.

Mix up some True Lemon Kids Strawberry Banana, or True Lemon Kids Groovy Grape for a pop of fruity sweetness! They’re sure to love these lively kids' drink mixes that can compete with any chewy cavity creator.

With a variety of delicious flavors kids love, water has never looked so inviting!

Sugar will never cause a fright when kids can sip these healthy, stevia-sweetened mixes. Combine any of these mouth-watering flavors with 8oz of water for a fun drink for kids, that keeps them hydrated and focused, fending off daytime fatigue and school day slumps. 

Made with parent-approved ingredients, these mixes are perfect for healthy kids (and health-conscious parents) who are finding ways to curb that sweet-tooth. Because making healthy choices for your family should be anything but scary.

Want to have even more confidence to cut the sugar?

Check out our Sugar Intake For Kids: FAQs, and find out about the effects of the sweet stuff like how much sugar should a child have a day, how sugar affects children's attention, and the effects of sugar on toddlers.