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May 19, 2020

Celebrate Summer while Social Distancing: Fun Activities for the Whole Family

Did you know that you get your daily amount of vitamin D just by being outside in the sun for about 15-30 minutes? Vitamin D is important in supporting healthy bones and teeth, but this vitamin has also been linked to weight loss as well as reducing your likelihood of developing the flu. Those are some great reasons to get outside more often!

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start to summer, and we are definitely ready for some warmer weather and sunshine. Even though we are still practicing social distancing and many pools and gathering places may stay closed, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the summertime season. Let’s soak up that vitamin D and have some fun!

Fun Activities for the Family: How to Celebrate Summer while Social Distancing

Go for a drive and explore. 

Find lookouts or less crowded places where you can safely pull off to the side of the road and take pictures. Have the kids call out the animals that they see along the way (whoever spots the most wins). Bring snacks and water bottles with True Citrus drink mixes so that you don’t have to stop at any stores along the way, and have a picnic at a particularly beautiful spot. Sometimes just taking a drive and getting out of your usual neighborhood can be revitalizing.

Cool off without a pool. 

Have a water balloon fight with your family in the yard. Get out the squirt gun, and turn on the sprinklers. You don’t need a pool to have fun in the sun! Just remember to wear your sunscreen, and if neighborhood kids want to get involved be sure to keep a safe distance. You can even create circles with hula hoops or chalk for your “zone” that you have to stay in to make the game even more fun while staying safe. 

Make your yard work for you! 

There are a number of ways to do some productive work in the yard while improving your outdoor space. Start a garden in your yard, or if you just have a porch or patio start growing seeds in a planter or by creating a pallet garden. Start your own compost pile, and nurture the soil with food scraps. You could even start making space for a built-in corn-hole game or bocce ball court! Now is a wonderful time to start making your outdoor space better than ever before so that you can enjoy it well into the future. 

Camp out in the yard. 

Set up tents and do a family “camping trip” in the yard. Pack a cooler with healthy snacks and drinks, and use a lantern or candles to sit around at night and swap scary stories. If you have a fire pit in the yard, you can even roast marshmallows for s’mores. 

Create your own Field Day! 

Go to the park or simply stay in the yard, but plan a Field Day with activities that friends and family can do together. Since social distancing is still important, set up relay races rather than group activities (like a three-legged race). Consider the egg-on-a-spoon race, water balloon toss, baseball bat spin, etc. Have each relay team dress in their designated colors, and come up with a funny team name. Remember to bring sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer to wipe down hands and surfaces after each round. 

Stay in, but stay active.

Maybe the rain spoiled your outdoor plans, or it’s simply too hot to be in the sun any longer. Bring the fun indoors with activities like these instead. 

Host a Social Distancing BBQ! 

Keep your invite list limited (no more than 10 people), communicate to everyone that they should keep a safe distance from one another (no hugs, stay at least 6 feet apart), and be sure to bring plenty of True Citrus. Rather than having people walk up to a shared pitcher or drink dispenser and risk contamination through touching cups, try a personal flavor-tasting game. Open multiple different boxes of flavors of True Citrus, like refreshing Fruit Infusions Lemon Cucumber, True Lime Watermelon Limeade, and True Lemon Raspberry Iced Tea. Dump the packets into a bag, and (wearing gloves) one at a time draw out a “mystery packet” for friends and family members in attendance. They can simply add the packet to their water bottle and sip on their individual drink with tons of flavor while staying hydrated.

True Citrus products make summer hydration easy for the entire family. Our drink packets are a wonderful way to add flavor to cool and refreshing water, so that your family can stay hydrated, happy, and healthy all season long. 

Although some typical summer activities have been put on hold, there are still a number of ways you can enjoy the summer with a little creativity. If you and your family are feeling cooped up, use some of these ways to get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

[Credit: “The Benefits of Vitamin D.” Healthline.]


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