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September 09, 2016

The 6 Big Bonuses of Weight Training

There are many women out there that believe that cardiovascular activities (such as running, using the elliptical machine, cycling) are the best for weight loss.

Many studies are now showing that strength training is actually the most ideal ways to boost your overall health and fitness. Women often are afraid of hitting the weight room at the gym for a couple of reasons: They don't want to bulk up, and they're intimidated by men that are more likely to be in there. These are some important reasons to overcome those fears, and start lifting!

Why You Should Start Weight Training for Weight Loss

Bulk is a myth.

Body-builders aside, achieving that kind of muscle size is really difficult - which is why those women work so hard at it. Often it takes extra supplements, steroids, and even testosterone to build that kind of bulk!

Blast that fat.

Weight training actually causes your body to burn fat more efficiently when at rest. This means that when you're sitting on the couch after pumping iron, your body is actually burning more fat than it would if you didn't have the muscle. In contrast to the myth above about building bulk, you'll actually be more efficient about losing inches. The number on the scale may not budge as much (since muscle weighs more than fat), but the way your clothes fit will show that its working!

Boot the boys.

Women have just as much of a right to be in the weight room as men do! If you're feeling intimidated, ask a trainer for some basic tips on how to use the machines, or even watch some YouTube videos to give you the lowdown for beginners. Hold your head high and go into that weight room with confidence.

Build those bones.

Because weight-lifting causes your muscles to pull on your bones, it actually helps build their strength. This is vital in increasing bone density and growth, and preventing osteoporosis down the road.

Boost your mood.

Any kind of exercise is proven to release endorphins - chemicals in your brain that when released increases happiness and feelings of euphoria. Not only is weight lifting a great way to reduce stress and improve your mental state, but realizing you can up the dumbbell weight as you get stronger will keep you motivated!

Be fabulous!

You won't only lose inches and shed excess fat, but lifting weights helps improve posture, coordination, and balance. You'll walk taller, feel stronger, and boost your happiness - how's that for confidence?