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The Benefits of Lemon Water in the Morning

The Benefits of Lemon Water in the Morning

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok or Instagram lately — or even watched an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians — you know that all of the healthy and beautiful people drink lemon water in the morning. But, is there any substance to Hollywood’s obsession with lemon water? Should you swap out your latte for a glass of lemon water in the morning? Does lemon water help with bloating? Keep reading to find out the answers to these pressing questions and much more.

The Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

We’re all looking to feel our best each day, but taking care of our health and hydration can be challenging in the fast-paced lives we live. The good news is that something as simple as adding lemon to your water each morning can have tremendous health benefits, including:

A beautiful tea cup and saucer filled with hot water and a slice of lemon.

Lemon Water Reduces Bloating

If you’re looking to reduce bloating — and who isn’t after 18+ months of a global pandemic? — starting your day with lemon or True Lemon water may be the perfect solution. Why do we get bloated, anyway? It usually has something to do with the wide range of chemicals and additives in our food and drinks these days. These chemicals cause water retention, which leads to bloating.

So, how does lemon water help with bloating? For one, lemon juice acts as a diuretic, encouraging the healthy elimination of water via urine. Second, peeing more reduces the amount of water in your body, helping you experience less bloating. Excuse me while I go find my skinny jeans.

A young, stylish woman sits at her desk and works while enjoying a glass of water with True Lemon.

Lemon Water Keeps You Hydrated

Are we the only ones who feel that staying hydrated is a full-time job? Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the recommended amount of daily water because, let’s face it, drinking water can get old pretty fast. However, it's a whole different story when you add the perfect combination of bitterness and sweetness that citrus fruits provide.

Shake up your hydration routine by adding lemon to your daily water, and watch hydration become a lot more enjoyable and delicious. Whether you prefer drinking warm lemon water, chilled lemon water, filtered water with lemon, lemon tea, or any other way of consuming it, lemon water is simply the “zest” way to stay hydrated.

A man at the office pours a packet of True Lemon into his glass water bottle.

Lemon Water Helps Digestion

Some people who drink warm water with lemon use it as a way to get their digestive system moving in the morning — literally. This is because lemon promotes an alkaline pH in our bodies. The acid in lemon juice also helps break down food more efficiently, making it easier for our bodies to extract maximum nutrients from each meal. It also slows down the absorption rate and prevents blood sugar from spiking.

Two friends sit outside on a cool day and enjoy hot water with True Lemon.

Lemon Water Helps Prevent Kidney Stones

The acidity of lemon brings another benefit: preventing kidney stones. Citrate, which is a component of citric acid, makes the urine less acidic and can even break up small stones. Lemon water in the morning is a double whammy in this sense as it gives you the citrate needed to break up these formations while the water helps prevent or flush out fully formed stones.

A small glass of water with lemon and mint.

Lemon Water Is an Excellent Source of Vitamin C

Citrus fruits, including lemons, contain high levels of vitamin C. This vitamin is a primary antioxidant that helps protect cells from damaging free radicals. Vitamin C also has other powerful health benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke and lowering blood pressure.

High levels of vitamin C also have skin benefits because those free radicals can wreak havoc on our skin in terms of aging and sun damage.

Although the science isn’t clear on how water improves skin, beauty guru after beauty guru swears that drinking plenty of water is what gives them their Hollywood glow. Why not give it a try? When the skin becomes dry, it’s more prone to wrinkles, so those gurus must be on to something. In fact, a recent study found that citrus-based drinks helped prevent the development of wrinkles in mice — pour us another glass of lemon water while we wait for the human studies!

A young woman sits on her living room couch and enjoys a glass of True Lemon.

Lemon Water Freshens Your Breath

The worst part about coffee in the mornings? The coffee breath. Don’t we all have memories of that one teacher or boss whose breath reeked of coffee anytime they spoke? Don’t be that guy or gal. When you drink lemon water in the morning, you don’t have to worry about rank breath. Instead, your breath will be so fresh and so clean — giving you the confidence to conduct one-on-one meetings or whisper sweet nothings into your lover's ear without worrying about coffee, garlic, or morning breath. 

How True Citrus Can Help

Gif of a man squeezing the juice of a fresh lemon into a box of True Lemon.

What's the best part about the benefits of starting your day with lemon water? Simple: You don’t have to use fresh lemons — after all, not all of us have the luxury of having a lemon tree orchard in our backyard. Looking at you, Oprah.

True Citrus makes living #healthyhappytrue as easy as (lemon meringue) pie with a wide variety of products, from unsweetened crystallized citrus wedge replacements to unsweetened fruit infusions, clean energy drink mixes, and even kids products. We’ve got something for anyone and everyone looking to reap the benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning. Hands down, we make drinking more water fun, easy, and delicious.