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The Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits

The Health Benefits of Citrus Fruits

Everyone knows that oranges contain vitamin C. But why is getting enough vitamin C important for health? Why are citrus fruits vital in a healthy well-rounded diet? Why are whole fruits better than drinking fruit juice? We have the answers!

Firstly, the wider the range of colors you incorporate into your daily meals, the more nutrition it contains. This is an easy way to ensure you get plenty of vitamins and minerals from healthy fruits and vegetables. Luckily, citrus fruit comes in a wide range of colors and flavors.

Some types of citrus fruits are: 

- Lemons (Eureka and Lisbon are standard varieties, but Meyer lemons have a sweeter less tart flavor)
- Limes (which come in varieties like Finger, Mandarin, Kaffir, and Key limes)
-Oranges (Navel, Blood Orange, Valencia) 
-Mandarins (Clementines, Tangelos, Satsuma) 
-Grapefruit (Ruby Red, White)

There are even more varieties of citrus fruits you can experiment with, like Pomelos (which are similar to the flavor of grapefruits but have a more delicate, floral taste). 

Here are some fun health benefits of citrus fruits:

Eating one medium-sized orange meets your daily recommended dosage of vitamin C. (Bonus fact: so does True Lemon Energy.)
Vitamin C is proven to boost immune system health by encouraging the production of white blood cells.
Although many people think getting vitamin C helps prevent a cold, this vitamin is more likely to shorten the length and severity of which you’re sick.
Vitamins and minerals are essential to good health, and many citrus fruits contain a wide range of them. Not just vitamin C, either! Citrus fruits contain important B vitamins, magnesium & potassium, and much more.
Who doesn't want to look younger? The compounds found in citrus fruits contain antioxidants that reduce inflammation and brighten skin from the inside out.
Keep your body regular and your digestive system moving! Citrus fruits are filled with fiber (which is why it is better to eat the fruit, rather than just drink juice).
Since citrus fruits are low in calories but high in fiber, they are excellent weight loss foods. Snacking on citrus will make you feel fuller for longer, with less than about 100 calories per fruit.
Some studies have shown that citrus fruits contain nutrients and compounds that can reduce the risk of certain cancers, such as esophageal, breast, stomach, lung, and pancreatic cancers.

If you’re looking for healthy drinks without sugar (since citrus juice does often contain more sugar than you’d want to ingest in a day), check out our wide range of delicious drink packets. Made from real fruit, True Citrus satisfies the craving for juice without all the unnecessary sugar and will delight your palate with a fun array of tasty citrus flavors.