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The Only Non-GMO Energy Drinks You'll Need This Spring

Do you often find yourself reaching for something to combat that afternoon crash?

Around 2 or 3 pm, after lunch has settled, many people start feeling their energy levels draining. What do you go for?

A salty or sweet snack? A caffeine boost from coffee or tea? Or maybe an energy drink.

Coffee and tea can be an acquired taste and may not be for everyone. That’s part of the reason energy drinks are a popular choice these days.

Some people use them for a little power boost when they’re feeling…well, blah. You may grab one up when you need a little pick-me-up to push through the end of the work day (or shuttling kids to practice and games).

Other people use them as an energy source to increase concentration and productivity. Energy drinks also help some people perform better in the gym and use them to push through a workout.

So whether cramming for a final exam, improving your athletic performance, or chasing toddles around the house, energy drinks can be helpful for giving you the extra “oomph” you need.

This blog brought to you by True Lemon
True Lemon Energy Strawberry Dragonfruit Featured Image
This blog brought to you by True Lemon
  • 120mg of Caffeine from Green Tea
  • Simple, Clean Non-GMO Ingredients
  • 0g Sugar
  • NO Artificial Sweeteners, Flavors or Preservatives
  • 100% Daily Value of Vitamin C​
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The problem with most energy drinks.

A woman drinking water after a jog.

Plenty of people enjoy the large flavor variety stocked on the shelves from an assortment of energy drink brands. But you may not love the ingredients that come with them.

Most popular energy drinks contain some ingredients that can be harmful for certain people. These are things like:

·       Lots of added sugar – maybe even more than your normal soda.
·       Artificial colors and sweeteners – which may not make you feel your best.
·       Large amounts of caffeine – much more than you might need for an afternoon boost.

This may not sound like the best list of attributes. This is especially true if health and nutrition are important to you.

Drinking one (or more) of these energy drinks can have you buzzing for a while. But then you may start to experience some not-so-good side effects, like:

·       Increased heart rate
·       Jitteriness
·       Anxiousness
·       Agitation or other changes in mood
·       Inability to fall asleep or get quality sleep through the night.

If you don’t really like the sound of these after affects, you might prefer another option. The good thing is, there are better energy drinks out there! There are some healthy energy drinks that are a bit cleaner and contain more natural ingredients.

A woman smiling wide and pausing on her hike in the mountains.

How to choose the right energy drink for you.

To choose an energy drink that better fits your lifestyle, let’s take a look at some of the factors. First, consider the ingredients.

As the saying goes, “you are what you eat.” Right?

Take a look at the label. What’s listed? Are you familiar with the ingredients? Some products may use synthetic chemicals or artificial ingredients to give it more of a kick.

In general, look for more high-quality ingredients and clear labeling. It’s always better to understand exactly what you’re putting into your body, rather than drinking a bunch of chemicals you don’t know anything about.

How much caffeine is in it? And what is the source of that caffeine? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says a healthy adult can usually take in 400 milligrams of caffeine each day without any negative side effects or complications.

Popular products can pack much more caffeine. And from less than ideal sources. (Tip: Check the label for the serving size and the total servings included in the can or bottle. The drink you pick up may be more than one serving!)

Organic energy drinks contain caffeine from a blend of natural sources, like black or green tea. They may also a boost from vitamins, fruits or other plants.

And then there’s sugar. The American Heart Association recommends no more than 36 grams of added sugar per day for men, and no more than 25 grams for women. Beyond that, reducing daily amounts of added sugar even further has been shown to reduce inflammation and provide overall health benefits.

Some energy drinks pack over 30 grams of added sugar per serving (with multiple servings per container.) That’s your whole day’s added sugar intake in one serving.

Energy drinks that are considered organic or more natural contain little to none in the way of added sugar.

True Lemon Energy Tropical Fruit Punch.

Benefits of True Lemon Energys

True Lemon Energys are a great way to power through your day with the happy and healthy ingredients you deserve. Why? Keep reading for some of the benefits.

They contain clean energy from green tea. True Lemon Energys contain 120 milligrams of caffeine from green tea, about the same as a typical cup of coffee. It gives you a burst of sustainable energy. This means you can increase your focus and productivity for longer. It also won’t leave you feeling jittery or antsy once the caffeine boost wears off.

No artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives. Only simple, clean non-GMO ingredients you can pronounce go into these energy boosting packets. True Lemon Energys are made with real citrus and zero added sugar. It also packs your daily punch of vitamin C with every serving.

Sustainable sourcing and packaging. True Lemon also cares about the environment. The convenient packets are easy to take with you anywhere life takes you. Just throw them in your purse, pocket or gym bag and take them on-the-go. When you need a boost, pour one packet into your water bottle and shake. These products use much less packaging than traditional store-bought beverages, reducing waste.

The perfect way to hydrate, too. You don’t have to sacrifice delicious for healthy. True Lemon Energys help you hydrate while also giving you the little extra push you need to get over that hump. Plus, they come in many flavorful combinations that our fans love.

Amy Cimo

Written by

Amy Cimo is a Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer and Wellness Enthusiast based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After going through her own health journey, she found her passion in helping others find balance between nutrition, physical activity and mindset to live healthy and be truly happy. Amy attended Louisiana State University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She became a Certified Personal Trainer in 2021 through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and a Certified Nutrition Coach in 2022 through Precision Nutrition.