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Tips and Tricks For Getting Over Your Mid-Afternoon Slump

Tips and Tricks For Getting Over Your Mid-Afternoon Slump

Know that feeling of wanting to curl into a ball under your desk and take a nap right after lunch? You're not alone! No matter how productive the morning, burning through that motivational energy can leave you feeling drained by the time you reach the afternoon. 

So how do you sustain that natural energy throughout the day? Or better yet, how do you reset and push through when the afternoon slump hits? We have the tips you need to get through the fatigue so that you can finish every work day strong.

A photo of avocado toast and egg on toast.

Get snacky

When feeling afternoon fatigue reach for a high energy snack that’s low in sugar but high in protein. Energy from sugar burns off quickly, but when you add proteins and fat the energy will be sustained for longer. Here are a few healthy afternoon snack ideas: apple slices with almond butter, snap peas or carrot sticks with hummus, a meat and cheese roll-up, a small scoop of cooked quinoa or brown rice with sautéed kale or broccoli topped with hot sauce, or a hard-boiled egg

Woman holding a water bottle walks down a city street. There are lots of plants blooming off the side of neighborhood porches.

Soak in the sunshine

Get up, go outside, and take a big stretch! Even better, add a short walk around the block to get your energy levels back up again after an afternoon crash. The light helps you wake up and stay alert (this is why we recommend letting plenty of light into your room first thing in the morning), and the extra stretching and movement increases circulation. You’ll be energized in no time. 

A woman pauses on her run to take a drink of water.


According to a 2017 study, body water loss impairs memory and drinking the recommended daily amount of water will actually help to improve cognitive function. Therefore, much of this afternoon tiredness is from dehydration - so drink up! If you have trouble getting enough water each day try adding a full body flavored drink mix to your water. Flavor makes drinking water more enticing, so hydrate without all the added sugar by using True Citrus

A kindle, cup of coffee, notebook, and glasses rest on a wooden dock. A woman sitting on the ground writes in her notepad.

Step away from the screen

Computers and smartphone screens cause strain on our eyes, therefore staring at them for too long will make us feel more tired than usual. If you work at a computer most of the day, try setting a timer every hour to remind you to take a big drink of water and look away from your screens for a few minutes to rest your eyes. Your body (and mind) will be reenergized easily in two ways at once! 

A person holds a big cup of tea. There is a True Lemon packet in their hand.

Use smells and sounds

Pump yourself up with a pop-heavy playlist or light a scented candle to wake up your senses. Need more focus to be productive? Plug in some noise-canceling headphones and turn on neutral sounds (like thunderstorm sounds or white noise), to drown out distracting noises and increase focus. Another idea is to pour a hot cup of tea with a packet of True Lemon for a refreshing zing, and inhale a big deep breath through your nose over the mug before sipping. 

Woman sits outside and drinks a healthy green smoothie. She smiles at the camera.

Get more mobile

Something as simple as changing your location is a great way to increase energy. If you’ve been sitting at a desk try taking your laptop to a tall counter and standing up. If you work from home in a basement office, move outside and finish out your day upstairs or even outside. You can even unplug and go to a nearby coffee shop for a change of scenery and a boost of energy! 

When you hit an afternoon slump don't give in to the sleepiness. Taking a cat nap can lead to a restless night of sleep so instead give a few of these tips a shot to power through the day. And remember, you always have True Lemon Energy Healthy Drink Mixes to help boost your energy in a pinch. 

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