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November 21, 2017

Get Motivated: Our Top 5 Health Documentaries

Sit on the couch, watch TV, and get healthier? That sounds great to us!

Sometimes taking a pause to relax can help us more than pushing ourselves to exhaustion. Make the most of your binge-watching by queuing up films that will inspire you to get healthier.

Top 5 Health Documentaries to Get You Motivated

  1. Hungry for Change
    This film covers just about everything, from how the way we eat has changed throughout history to the current trends of the food industry. It will open your eyes to our natural relationship with food, and how our cravings and habits may run deeper than we even realize.
  2. I Am
    A wonderful exploration of the human psyche and the desire to find what truly fulfills us, Tom Shadyac dives deep in this film. Through interviews with psychologists, monks, teachers, writers, scientists, and friends, he searches for the answers to what drives us and what truly makes us happy. It will inspire you to seek your life's passion.
  3. That Sugar Movie
    An Australian filmmaker takes on a Super Size Me approach to sugar and how it affects our bodies. Without altering his activity levels or total calorie intake, he ingests foods marketed as "healthy" that are high in sugar to see how it changes his health. The results are shocking! This is a fun and lighthearted approach to the topic that's great for the whole family to watch together.
  4. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
    This documentary follows Joe Cross, a man that is overweight with allergies and other health issues. In an effort to get his life back, he begins a juicing cleanse to get his body functioning optimally again. His road trip across the US connects him with plenty of interesting people, one of which takes Joe's message to heart - and his story is very moving.
  5. The Barkley Marathons
    Want to get off that couch and start exercising? This story of some crazy endurance athletes will inspire you. The Barkley Marathons were set up by an eccentric man that elevates the word "challenging" to a whole new level. The race takes participants through the backwoods of Appalachia with no trail markers, where they have a set amount of time to complete 5 loops - each of which is the length of a full marathon. There are many more rules to this race but to put it into full perspective: only 10 racers have crossed the finish line within the first 25-years of the race. It might be better if you start with a hike instead.

Assemble some healthy snacks, throw on those sweatpants, and enjoy a night in to recharge your batteries and get motivated again!