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March 31, 2017

True Citrus Lemonade and Beverage Sampler

Whats your favorite fruit? Youre not the first person to be stumped by this question (thats probably why the fruit basket was invented). We dont want you to have to choose when it comes to flavoring your water, so we introduced the True Citrus Lemonade and Beverage Sampler, with all the fruity flavors you love! If drinking eight glasses of water a day has proven to be a challenge for you in the past, you are not alone there either. Eight glasses a day for seven days a week thats almost 60 glasses of water. 60! All the more reason you might enjoy the True Citrus Lemonade and Beverage Sampler - five different flavors of delicious water enhancing crystal powder packets lemonade, raspberry lemonade, peach lemonade, black cherry limeade, and mango orange. When you have this kind of flavor swatch to mix into your water, then eight glasses a day has never been so easy! At five boxes per sampler and 10 packets per box, you can enjoy 50 tasty True Citrus flavors containing 100% natural ingredients for only $17.96!